Technical Support

Have a Technical Question or Problem With One of Our Products? (and is it between 9am - 5pm ET M - F and not a holiday?)

Then call us at: 352.343.7533 or 800.527.3712

(If you are unable to contact us during normal business hours or prefer email support, please use our tech-support ticketing system -

Click here to submit your tech support report

There are only three things you need to know about our support:

1. We have a "No time limit, no 'fine print'" guarantee.  It means exactly what it says. If we can't get you up and running, a refund or replacement is yours - period! So, relax when you call, that guarantee has you covered.

2. We are based in the USA and speak English (Okay, we are from the midwest and Florida, so, we might not speak it perfectly, but it is our "native tongue"), we answer our phones "live" (3 rings or fewer), we don't have any auto-attendant queues and we will never put you on "perma-hold". (If our tech support guys/gals are helping other customers, we take your number and one of them will call you back - they really will!)

3. Our goal is to fix your problem as fast as possible.  Please help us help you, by having your order details ready and your cartridge in front of you.

Our number one goal is to earn your business one ReChargX toner refill kit purchase at a time and either you are delighted with what you purchased or we don't deserve to keep your money!

And, if you aren't delighted with the service/support you receive from us, I need to hear about it and welcome your input (the only request I make is that you don't contact me first as that will possibly delay your support). John Galt President/H.T.G. (Head Toner Guy)