No Time Limit / No "Fine Print" Guarantee

Our six-word guarantee means exactly what it says...  If for any reason, at any time, you are disappointed in your purchase, we don't deserve to keep your money(and will provide an immediate refund or replacement - the choice is always up to you).

Q: Why do we offer an iron-clad guarantee on such a simple "no-brainer" type of product?

A: Because we want you to feel just as confident about ordering and using our easy-to-use and inexpensive kits as we are that you will be thrilled with their performance and come back for more.

Two Simple Requests:

First, if you are refilling a toner cartridge, though our ReChargX toner refill kits are fantastic, they can't revitalize an obviously defective cartridge.  Our guarantee covers the performance of our products completely, but we cannot cover the failure of our product to perform miracles.

Just so there is no misunderstanding, here is exactly what we are referring to:  If you retire your current cartridge because of spots, dots, lines, streaks or other defects on the printout, then the cartridge WAS BROKEN/BAD and our ReChargX kits can't revive the dead (symptoms of a cartridge simply needing more gas are areas of the page where toner no longer appears, increasing lightness over time, etc.) (but our EmptyX replacement cartridge CAN!  EmptyX is designed to replace a broken or defective cartridge).

In the same vein, if your cartridge is now printing repeating dots, spots, lines, etc. on the page, it has obviously "passed away".  How can you tell if your cartridge has gone to the great toner graveyard in the sky?

Toner is Stupid

Toner doesn't know to print an annoying little dot several times down the page or present a razor sharp line from the top to the bottom of the page, just to have fun at your expense. If the toner is printing fine on 95% of the page, but there are print defects in specific areas, your cartridge has a problem. We wish we could revive the dead (we'd probably be in a different business if we could). But, we can't. The good news is you can reclaim the toner and reuse it in your next cartridge.

Good Common Sense

Second, if you spill a little toner on your table, on the cartridge, miss the hole, fail to read the instructions and put the hole in the wrong spot, don't yell at us (this doesn't happen very often, but in today's world where accepting responsibility is a vanishing attribute, unfortunately you have to prepare for stuff like this.)  I know this sounds embarrassingly obvious, but the thought came to me while at a gas station.  A woman on her cell phone was not paying attention to what she was doing and dumped what looked like a good gallon of gas on the ground by not having the nozzle completely in the hole.  She went back to pumping the gas, continued to talk on the cell phone, then went inside to complain that she shouldn't have to pay for the gas that didn't end up in the tank (and she never even hung up while complaining)!  (People never cease to amaze, do they?)

It's Not Rocket Science

As we point out many, many times, this process is not rocket science and 99.9% of the feedback we get is that it is a very clean process (in fact, just like the woman at the gas station, the only thing that can make the process messy is you!).  Read the instructions thoroughly, pay attention to what you are doing, go slowly, check along the way to make certain you are indeed pouring the toner into the hole and not on your desk and you should have no problem whatsoever (obvious, isn't it?).  In fact, just to cover any eventuality, we even include a special toner cleaning cloth should you accidentally spill a little toner.  Again, if you do spill a little toner, simply wipe it up....

The Bottom Line

If your cartridge was working properly before it went "empty", then our products should do everything you expected them to do (make your cartridge work just like it did before it went empty). If our products don't bring your "empty - not broken" cartridge back to proper performance, send us an email, give us a call, send us a fax, release that carrier pigeon, and your money will be promptly and cheerfully refunded or your product replaced, the choice is yours.

You can always order with confidence - no sale is final until you are happy.  Period.