A1: Absolutely not. If you follow our simple, "Pop and Pour" instructions (taking you way less than ten minutes (total!) to perform) and inspect your work before reinstalling your cartridge, there is no way the cartridge you revitalize with our ReChargX products can harm your equipment.

A2: Nope! In fact, it is against the law (the Sherman and Clayton Anti-Trust Acts, to be specific) to tie the purchase or use of a particular supply to the warranty. In fact, if you want to see what HP has to say about it with your own eyes, check this out (but don't be surprised at the "marketing-speak" and scare-tactics they employ to try to convince you that you should only buy their over-priced, name-brand, brand-new cartridges):


Think about it: Let's say your printer has a defective power supply. How in the world could the manufacturer refuse to fulfill their obligation and fix their defective component (assuming the printer was still under warranty to begin with) just because you are buying a different brand of toner (or paper, paper trays, memory, etc.)? They can't!

The manufacturer's ploy to convince you that you should only use their much more expensive cartridges is the same tactic the big automakers employ to try to get you to have your oil changed at the dealership instead of at your local "Quick-Oil-Change" shop (for 2 - 3 times more than the "Quick-Oil-Change" shop charges).

Why do those companies do that? Do they really believe that the high-school dropout at the "Quick-Oil-Change" shop can't unscrew the drain plug in the oil pan as well as the high-school dropout employed at the dealership? Of course that isn't their concern... Their main concern is getting the repeat business and the huge profit to be made on the routine maintenance of your car... and the big printer, fax and photocopier manufacturers feel the same way about you and your toner cartridges!

As a case in point, we have over twenty HP laser printers in-house that have "eaten" a steady diet of our non-HP toner for their entire lives and not a single one has ever so much as "burped" funny as a result! Millions of our cartridges have been used in thousands-upon-thousands of customer laser printers with the same results. As we like to say, "The proof is in the printing!"

A3: Profit motives! If the very sincere, very helpful salesperson tells you in all sincerity that using a remanufactured cartridge will void your warranty, you would probably believe them, right? Most people do. Then, based on that salesperson's warnings, they buy an over-priced, brand-name, brand-new cartridge.

Why would they tell you the use of a remanufactured cartridge would void your warranty if it isn't true? The choice is yours - You can give them the benefit of the doubt and believe they are just misinformed or you can believe (what is more likely the case), that they are saying the words they know will convince you to spend 2 - 4 times more money than you have to on a brand-new, name-brand toner cartridge on which they make considerably more commission or profit!

Please Note: We have been in the remanufacturing business since 1987 and know for a fact there have been remanufacturers who have turned out crummy products (either intentionally by using cheap or inferior components or by choosing not to replace critical internal components on every cycle) and that may be the reason some retailers choose to recommend against the use of remanufactured cartridges.

On the other hand, we know from our own experience that when a remanufacturer does the job right (and there are plenty of them out there who do) and their cartridge is properly remanufactured with all the best components, there is no reason in the world that remanufactured cartridge won't meet or even exceed the performance of the name-brand, brand-new cartridge.

Please note: If you are one of the people who has had less than OEM performance out of a remanufactured cartridge, give one of our ReChargX kits a try and see for yourself how a perfect refill can be accomplished in so little time for so little money!

A4: No (as long as you use your head!). Here is how HP describes toner. "Toner is a nontoxic substance composed of plastic, iron, and a small amount of pigment."

Even with that very benign description, still use your head when handling toner. Use the same common sense you use when you are filling your car with gas (i.e., don't eat it, drink it, purposely inhale large quantities of it, set it on fire... you get the idea). If you want to see what else HP has to say about toner, take a look at this:


A5: An average of three times (It varies depending on cartridge type). The range is from 1 or 2 times, to 5 or more times. While we have had reports from some users that they have been able to use ReChargX an even greater number of times on a given empty, the simple (and obvious) rule of thumb is, continue to use ReChargX until you are no longer satisfied with the print quality.

Keep in mind, though, that thanks to the low additional cost of an EmptyX Certified empty, there is no real incentive to push your existing empty to the absolute limit.

What is an EmptyX cartridge?

It is a once-used empty cartridge obtained from other users of the same type of machine as yours. For whatever reason, they decided they didn't want to save up to 90% refilling their own toner cartridges. By securing their empties, we save you tons of money over the cost of new cartridges and keep tons of trash out of our ever-shrinking landfills. The EmptyX is the same thing you would have had if you bought a new cartridge and used until it went empty - nothing more, nothing less. IMPORTANT: Call 352.343.7533 (8 am - 5 pm Eastern Time Zone) for availabilty.

Please note: Prior to adding EmptyX to our product line, the only way a ReChargX user could get a once-used empty was by buying another expensive, brand-new, brand-name cartridge. Now, for only $4 - $49 (depending on cartridge type and quantity purchased) you can get a certified EmptyX empty (subject to availability), without having to spend from $50 to $200+ on a brand-new, brand-name cartridge. Thanks to EmptyX, there is no reason to ever buy a new cartridge again! And, don't forget, in most cases that EmptyX cartridge can be used several times!

(Note: As with used cars, we cannot always guarantee we will always have every single type of cartridge in our empty inventory - Call 352.343.7533 (8 am - 5pm Eastern Time Zone) for availabilty. If we are "out of stock" on an EmptyX you can still purchase a brand-new cartridge or a remanufactured one and use ReChargX on that cartridge when it goes "toner low".)

Please note: If you came here from the "Refill-Products" page, click here to get back to the Refill Product details)

A6: To save you money so you can make the most cost-effective use of your ReChargX purchase. (If we were "sharks" we wouldn't tell you this - we're not sharks, we want you to save as much money as possible, so read on!) No matter what type of cartridge you use, if your cartridge has never been refilled before (meaning it is just now showing the toner low message for the first time), the chances of it going through one complete additional use are almost 100%.

But, even if the chances are nearly 100% that your cartridge should go through the next full cycle, by dispensing only one-third to one-half of the bottle of toner into the empty cartridge, you are making certain you are going to waste very little, if any, of the inexpensive ReChargX toner in the unlikely event your empty cartridge "poops" out prematurely.

Obviously, no matter what type of cartridge you use, the likelihood the cartridge is going to "poop out", increases, the more times you refill it. So, the "insurance" you are buying by using only one-third to one-half of the bottle on any given refill becomes more valuable as your cartridge gets older.

(As we like to say, "There is no prize awarded" for completely filling the cartridge during any refilling session. Take it slow, be conservative, use only 1/3 - 1/2 of the bottle of toner during any refilling session and you will save even more money as time goes on. We want you to come back as a "die-hard" ReChargX fan (as all of our satisfied customers do!). And, once you try ReChargX and see for yourself how simple the refill procedure is and how well it works, we know you will be back as long as you own a toner-based printer.)

Remember, once the ReChargX "Pop and Pour" port is installed in the cartridge, when the "toner low" message appears again, it will only take you a minute or two to add another load of toner.

A7: Just order the appropriate certified "EmptyX" replacement cartridge and you are back on your way. This is why we recommend you only use 1/3 to 1/2 of the bottle of toner when you first refill your cartridge. In this way, if for some reason your cartridge does "poop out" prematurely (it doesn't happen often, but since toner cartridges are mechanical devices, it can and sometimes does), you still have one-half to two-thirds of your toner left.

Remember, as we have said before, "There is no prize awarded for filling the toner hopper completely the first time you use ReChargX." Once the "Pop and Pour" port (a.k.a. - "hole") is installed in the cartridge, when the "toner low" message appears again, it will only take you a minute or two to add another fill of toner. To save the most money, use only 1/3 - 1/2 of the toner on any given refill.

A8: Most people are completely unaware that the "guts" (or the "engine") in their laser printer might also be used in dozens, even hundreds of other printers and in some cases, plain-paper fax machines, as well.

This is a very common practice. As a case in point, consider the fact that Hewlett Packard does not make a single laser printer, nor do they make a single toner cartridge.

Canon actually makes all of the Hewlett Packard laser printers, plain-paper fax machines and toner cartridges for those machines. The only thing that belongs to HP is the logo and the profit when those items are sold.

Those same Canon engines found in the Hewlett Packard machines are also found in a wide variety of machines with other vendor names on the outside (DEC, Wang, Apple, QMS, to name a few). If we named a product after a particular manufacturer/printer, we might have dozens (in some cases, even hundreds!) of products that are all the same (since those machines share the same "guts"). Instead, we use a simple series of numbers to refer to common printer, fax and photocopier "guts". Once you use our contantly updated cross reference guide to locate your printer, fax or photocopier, you will be given the appropriate ReChargX product number.

A9: Because customers deserve a choice and a chance to save a HUGE amount of money by paying a very small price! We know there are thousands of individuals out there who would love to be able to cut the cost of their toner cartridges by as much as 90%! We also know there are tons of people out there who think like we do when it comes to their empty cartridges - "It's not broken... It's empty!" If by helping them save money, we make a profit at the same time, it's a WIN-WIN situation.

From a profit standpoint, you can bet your bottom dollar we would much rather sell you a remanufactured toner cartridge for 2 - 3 times more profit than one of our inexpensive ReChargX toner refill kits. If you want to send us a lot more money, so we can make a lot more profit, then buy one of our remanufactured toner cartridges. If your goal is to save as much money as you can, then buy our proven and guaranteed ReChargX kits.

No matter what, you, the consumer win because the choice is yours.

A10: Profit! The primary reason is,most remanufacturing companies are far more interested in the huge profits that are to be found in the complete remanufacture of a cartridge instead of making the much smaller profits we make by selling a premium cartridge refilling kit (as you just saw in the preceding Q&A, we, too, would much rather sell you a much more expensive and profitable remanufactured cartridge than a bottle of toner).

We don't fault them for that attitude, either. As with any business, their job is to make a profit. And, as we all know, when making profit, more is better. There is far more profit to be made in performing the remanufacturing operation as a service than there is in selling a bottle of toner and letting the customer refill their own cartridge.

Our products simply offer toner users a third choice. If a customer wants to cut out the middleman and refill their own cartridges using our materials, we say, "Go for it!". If they want to spend considerably more and buy new or remanufactured cartridges, that is their choice as well. The customer gets to choose and the more choices they have, the happier they are.

In addition to the profit motive, creating this company, our products, our detailed instructions, our website and everything else associated with TonerRefillKits.com from scratch was the culmination of more than a twenty six years of research, development, experience and searching the globe for the best supplies available. We're certain that there will ultimately be ReChargX imitators, but they will never be able to duplicate the quality that we offer, nor the range of machines we cover.

Note: In an exhaustive search of the internet, we did find a few other companies out there who sell bottles of toner and call them "refill kits", but none of them have anywhere near the quality of products, detailed instructions and mountains of information relating to the refilling of toner cartridge that we do. That is the huge difference being in the toner business for going on two decades and remanufacturing millions of toner cartridges brings to what we offer at TonerRefillKits.com! Toner cartridges, the associated supplies and the technology to remanufacture those cartridge is all we do and all we have done since 1987! Toner isn't a sideline for us - it's our livelihood.

A11: Just like a new cartridge, if there is ever anything that goes wrong, it normally shows up on the printed output. If you notice spots, dots, blank spots or voids showing up on the printed page (in a pattern that repeats several times down the page), then the cartridge has reached the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced. A razor sharp, pencil thin line appearing on the page also indicates a cartridge has reached the end of the line. When and if your current cartridge reaches the end of its useful life (as evidenced by displaying any of the print defects just mentioned), for the biggest savings, buy another "EmptyX" certified replacement empty and you are back in business for pennies on the dollar!

A12: The ReChargX Tool Kit is the fastest and easiest way to "Pop and Pour" toner into your cartridge. There are other methods you could use to get the toner into the cartridge, as well as other tools you could use to put the "toner port" into the housing, but all of them either take more time, require additional specialized tools or are far more expensive than the ReChargX Tool Kit method. After more than a decade of research and development, the inexpensive ReChargX Tool Kit is the best way to get rid of the "Toner Low" blues.

Note: We sell our ReChargX Tool Kit for about $.60 more than it costs us to put it together. If we could give it away for free, we would. Keep in mind you only buy the ReChargX Tool Kit once, no matter how many different types of cartridges you want to refill, so the cost is very, very minimal in relation to the HUGE savings you will realize on your very first toner cartridge refill.

A13: Profit, once again. And, the toner industry is a huge source of profit for companies like Canon, IBM/LexMark and HP (estimated laser printer toner sales are in the billions of dollars annually!). These guys are geniuses, not just mechanical and electronic geniuses, but marketing and business geniuses, as well. Thanks to the "Razors and Razor Blades" mentality they employ, they know the real money to be made in the laser printer industry is in the sale of the proprietary supplies (the toner cartridge), not in the sale of the machines. They know from experience that there's no way in the world to prevent competitors from making generic bottles of toner for use in any machine that uses bottles of toner (and driving the price down dramatically). But, they also knew that if they developed a proprietary system that requires a particular piece of machinery (the toner cartridge is a beautiful piece of machinery) in order to function, not only will every component inside that piece of machinery be protected by patents, but the whole device will be, too.

It has taken nearly two decades for big manufacturing firms (like Xerox and Lexmark) to develop toner cartridges which function properly inside of Canon/HP laser printers, without violating the huge number of patents HP has on those cartridges. During all those years, every time you received the dreaded "toner low" message, a little more of your cash went into the pockets of the manufacturer, just like clockwork. ReChargX and EmptyX have put a stop to all of that.

So, the real answer is, no matter how easy it would be for the main cartridge-based laser printer, fax and photocopier manufacturers to make machines that use bottles of toners instead of toner cartridges, they will probably never appear on the market since the profit incentive is so great in producing machines which use expensive, proprietary toner cartridges.

A14: It might be, but there is no way to know for sure! You see, we know for a fact that many laser printer, plain paper fax and photocopier manufacturers DO NOT make their own toner (in fact most don't). We also know that in our lab and on the printed output (where it really counts), the properties of the toner we use parallels the properties of the toner we find in the original cartridges (nearly EXACTLY!). Hmmmmmm, does that mean they are made by the same international company? It could, but none of the original manufacturers will reveal whose toner they use, so we can't say for sure. What we do know is the performance of our toner is exactly the same as theirs and that's all that matters to us and to you!

A15: The WHOPPING savings (first and foremost) and the components. On the average, a ReChargX kit saves you a WHOPPING 61.14% over the cost of a remanufactured cartridge (and 74.84% over the "Office Superstore" price of a new cartridge). And, those phenomenal savings are based on the purchase of a single ReChargX kit. The savings increase to an average of more than 70% saved over a remanufactured cartridge and nearly 85% over the cost of a new cartridge when you buy as few as two ReChargX kits.

Saving money is fine, but, image quality is everything to us. That is how we measure the performance of any cartridge, whether new, remanufactured or one refilled with our easy-to-use and inexpensive ReChargX kits.

We have been in the business of remanufacturing toner cartridges since 1987. When we remanufacture a client's cartridge, we routinely replace all of the key imaging components (and that costs a lot of money!) After remanufacturing, we then test the cartridge to verify the print image is equal to or better than the image produced by the original cartridge. The only cartridges that go out the door are ones that pass this test. (This is the same test procedure we have successfully run on our ReChargX rejuvenated cartridges hundreds of times, in-house!)

In the case of a cartridge that has been brought back to life with one of our "refill-it-yourself" ReChargX kits, the only thing that has been replenished is the supply of toner. If the cartridge was printing just fine before it went "toner low", the output from the ReChargX cartridge should equal the performance of the original, in every way. Thus, the performance of all three cartridges (new, remanufactured, or ReChargX) should be the same, only your wallet will know the difference!

Note: While there are many other technical differences between new, remanufactured or refilled cartridges (well beyond the scope of the FAQ), the bottom line is, what you, as a toner cartridge user want, is to save money, without sacrificing quality. After producing millions of premium remanufactures and more than twenty six years in the toner business, we know of no other way to get performance guaranteed to equal that of the original cartridge at a lower price than by using ReChargX!

We invite you to give any ReChargX kit a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed trial, today!

A16: In all honesty, the most difficult part is convincing the average skeptical customer to give it a try! There is nothing difficult about the ReChargX procedure at all (take a look at the "Easy Refilling Process" to see how easy it is with your own eyes!). The fact of the matter is, most people come away from our site thinking, "If this is so easy and works so well, why haven't I heard about it before?" To answer that question, we remind our prospective customers that all things considered, we have been working on developing these procedures, researching the supplies, creating this easy-to-use website and producing our instructions for over twenty six years.

The easiest way to overcome your natural skepticism is to do what every one of our satisfied customers has done and that is to place a completely satisfaction guaranteed order. As we say around here, "The proof is in the printing!" We 100% guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Toner Cartridges come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are quite large, holding up to 1500 grams of toner, while others are very small, holding only 40 grams of toner or less.

Every Refill Kit we offer contains exactly the amount of toner necessary to fill the cartridge in which it is to be used. That is the same amount of toner that you would receive in a brand new OEM cartridge.

Over the years, we have standardized on only 3 sizes of bottles to save you additional money.

When you receive your Refill Kit the bottle will contain exactly the amount of toner you need. Every bottle is weighed during the filling process to assure you are receiving the appropriate amount of toner for your cartridge. The bottle will not be full. Some will have less than an inch of toner inside, and that amount of toner is correct for your cartridge.

When you receive your Refill Kit, look at the gram weight stated on the label. The smallest bottle we use can hold over 300 grams of toner. If you are filling a cartridge that holds only 40 grams of toner, the bottle will appear to be almost empty.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions after receiving your Refill Kit. We'll be happy to confirm the amount you received.

Toner in a cartridge or in a refill kit does not have a shelf life, as long as it is kept in a cool, dry place.

However, upon using a toner product, since it is affected by gravity, you should shake the cartridge or toner bottle prior.

This is to loosen the toner that settles and compacts to itself while being stored for long periods of time.

Toner has the consistency of flour or baby powder. After those items sit for a while, the particles compact and require some sort of manipulation to return them to its normal state.