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Good seller. Straightforward website, shipping, and tracking-email. Product works as advertised. Easy instructions included. I will definitely buy from them again.

Great company. They saved me a ton by allowing me to refill my own toner cartridges!

Great service, great company to do business with. Product and directions are perfect. I will never buy retail toner again!

5/5 bobmon

Great products, great value and easy to follow instructions on how to do the refilling.

I have used TonerRefillKits for several years now. I currently have a laser printer, Brother HL-2170W. I normally buy 1 cartridge and 2 refills for that cartridge. By then I would need a new cartridge. The cartridges look exactly like a new one in the store. The toner works wonderfully. The directions are clear. I replace the toner myself. They even provide paper to lay down to keep the workspace clean and a microfiber cloth for clean up. Fast service. Friendly people. They've even called after an order to see if I am satisfied. I recommend them to everyone! 

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The customer service is the BEST I have experienced from any company for any thing. Immediately after my order, I received a Thank You e-mail. Then, a confirmation e-mail with the tracking information. Next, I got a Thank You phone call. Then when my order arrived, it had two Thank You gifts and a Thank You sticker on the outside signed by the staff. Oh, and by the way, the product itself works great. Saves me $$$. And they like dogs. These folks set a high bar for customer service!! 

5/5 jandab

The refill kit for my laser printer cartridge came with every conceivable part I would need, including cloths to clean up with, and the step by step instructions were easy to follow. The whole process took about 10 minutes and the savings were well worth my time.

5/5 FLW2011

Excellent quality products that come with exhaustively prepared step by step instructions. Only an idiot could fail to successfully refill their cartridge with this much help. Technical support is friendly and caring and very knowledgeable about printers. They've even courteously helped me solve a problem that became clear had nothing to do with a defect in the toner cartridge. These guys have helped me save hundreds of dollars over the past 10 years versus simply buying new mfr. cartridges like a sheep. 

Good seller and Nice service..
I bought 3 toners and tool kit for Samsung ML2525W, I received the products with nice instruction via mail.
I tested reset a chip first, but it was not work.
So i called service center, they recommended testing all chips.
other two chips are fine. so they sent 1 reset chip with express mail as free. they provides good service also.

I have been a customer for four and one half years. Their staff is outstanding when it comes to asking for any help. Oscar has been a sort of mentor about how the printers I have had operate. I have called upon him several times for insight and he always responds with clarity and haste.

And their products work flawlessly. I'll be a satisfied customer as long as I use toner. 

While we are a small home based business in BC I have used TonerRefillKits a number of times over the years and found them to be excellent to deal with and to have a good line of products. I once had a unsatisfactory printing issue with some toner and even though a long interval had passed since the purchase they were very helpful and replaced the questionable toner at no charge. Being in another country I have some reservations at times dealing with someone new, but I would highly recommend John and his great team at TonerRefillKits! 

We are delighted to finally find a source for our toner refills that is reliable, economical, and easy to work with. The refill kits are no-nonsense, with easy to follow instructions, and the refilled cartridges work dependably. These kits have saved us hundreds of dollars (we have used them many times), and the personnel at TonerRefillKits are personable and friendly. TonerRefillKits gets top ratings from this very satisfied customer (and their office dogs are friendly, too!) 

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This company seems to be one of the few companies with integrity these days. They seem to really care about the customer and show it with their personal calls following an order and professionalism in their dealings. 

I was amazed and thoroughly delighted with the TonerRefillKit and the great customer service that accompanied it. The clear and thorough directions, the attention to every possible need, along with the great savings I realized have made me a loyal customer. 

I have used TonerRefillKits to fill my toner cartridges for several years. The quality is outstanding, the $ savings is great. I highly recommend them to anyone. 

This is a great way to save some extra money. I have been using TonerRefillKits for several years and have been very pleased with the results and savings. I have never had trouble getting my order or inaccurate shipping. 

We have used TonerRefillKits for a number of years, across a number of laser printer brands. Their service is fantastic and the technical support is fantastic, although you rarely need it because the instructions are great. 

I hate throwing stuff away and would prefer to recycle cartridges until they no longer work. Toner refills are the perfect answer. We buy toner refills, new cartridges and starter cartridge kits* from them on a regular basis. Give TonerRefill kits a try! 

*I have a Brother laser, which comes with a starter cartridge good for a limited number of pages. This cartridge is not normally refillable because it lacks the paper cycle gear. Their Starter Cartridge refill kit solves this problem by providing you with the gear and a new cover in addition to the toner. 

5/5 kyewty

I just received my first Toner Refill Kit for my Color Laserjet Printer and I couldn't be happier with the results! The instructions were SO user friendly. It was step by step with clear diagrams and I loved that there were a few extra supplies included in the kit just incase you needed them--Great thinking--especially for newbies :) You thought of everything for the kit, including newsprint to catch the spills! Not only did I end up saving a huge amount of money by refilling the cartridge myself, but I also took great pride in knowing that I was able to complete the task successfully on my own. Thanks for the little thank you "treat" in the box as well. That was a great reward to find after a successful job completion! I have already passed on your company info for friends to try. 

5/5 TESW

These guys and gals ROCK! Orders are always perfect, timely, and smooth. Love the small pack of M&Ms they send w/ order. Its that personal touch that makes the difference. 

All information given and product sent is 1st class. Even shipment to Germany was no hassle at all.

Thank you Traci and all you other members of staff, pls keep up the excellent work. Bye till next time!

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I have used for the past 5+ years. Over that time I have had not less than 5 different printer models that I have purchased toner for, from Brother to HP to Oki, and your refill kits have worked for each one flawlessly. I use a lot of toner, and saves me a lot of money. Thanks Guys! 

The prices at are the best. They ever showed me how to set the printer to keep printing when it say there empty. I get at less 100 more pages. By,By, Office Max and Office Depot 

I am a big do it yourself kind of guy and refilling toner cartridges has always been high on my list to save money. TonerRefiilKits is the best place I have found to get my toner no matter what model of printer I have had over the years. Their refill kits and how-to instructions are the most complete and easy to follow for anyone who wants high quality and save some serious money. 

On my last order I bought some toner for a new printer I have and their customer service department called me shortly after I placed my order to confirm I had ordered toner for a different printer than I had previously ordered. I was impressed that they made the call to double check things with me prior to shipping the order out. Excellent customer service! 

5/5 DemoMasters - Eugene Baker gets my highest respect as a user of their services. I have been using them for well over 5 years and have no complaints. They are easy to find on the web, the website is easy to navigate, the ordering process is quick, they ship fast, and the product has never failed me. Getting toner or ink refills is a high priority for many companies today and I highly recommend their services! Don't settle for second when you can get the best! Use tonerRefillKits!
Eugene Baker
Auto Dealer Follow-up 

5/5 jamesx314 - Eugene Baker

I own a Brother color laser printer that uses TN110 carts and used refill kits and rebuilt carts with bad results. After refilling with TonerRefillKits the cartridges spew toner all over the inside of the machine. And I follow instructions to the letter. With the rebuilt cartridges, they fail after a couple of hundred prints. I had to run out to buy "official" new Brother units at full price from OfficeMax, so obviously I didn't save any money. TRK kits are priced right... if they work... but customer service is good. I'd ask their CS people candid questions about the cartridges you're using to see if there are any inherent problems with refills before ordering. 

5/5 GrahamHollingworth - Graham

Since learning and commencing my ordering from TonerRefillKits...nothing but success and happiness. QUALITY, QUANTITY, INSTRUCTIONS, SUPPORT, COMMUNICATION, you name it... THE BEST. I don't have to search anymore...just go back "home"...there is is...just the way I WANT IT. THANKS!!!!

This my second purchase from TonerRefillKits. And both experiences can only be described with one word: fantastic! I recently started my own laboratory and have a tight budget. So I began to look around for toners and cartridges with my two HP office printers to save couple of bucks here and there. Then google took me to their website. After a bit research, I decided to do a bit DIY thing to buy some toner and save some money because, man, their price is unbeatable! After I posted my first order. A very nice lady called my office number the second day to confirm my order. Three to four days later, I got my box of toner with tools and very detailed description to teach you how to refill the cartridge. My grandma can do that job---it's just that easy!

So after a couple of months when my cartridge weared out, I decided to go for them to buy several used cartridges. I would rather to pay less than $ 20 to buy a only-used-once cartridge and refill with their toner than paying $ 80 to buy a new cartridge from OfficeDepot. It's the same quality for god's sake!

You can do your own math.

I strongly recommend this company without reservation. In this economy, every dollar counts, and this company will save you some money. 

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The organization goes the extra mile to provide toner services to its customers. Free shipping on virtually every order (anything over about $50.00), options for toner replacement (HP originals, their rechargeable replacements and refill kits.

I can order replacement materials and get essentially double the number of prints I would get by ordering OEMs for the same price.

It does take time to refill cartridges and the process is messy at best. However I feel it is worth my time to save money for my small business. I have had mixed results with refilling the TonerRefillKit replacement cartridges (print color quality and leakage). However, I have been satisfied with the results so far.

TonerRefillKits was the company that filled me in on HP's immoral (if not illegal) practice of defaulting to using much less than the full toner charge before signalling the user that the cartridge is empty.

I enjoy ordering replacement cartridges and refill kits from TonerRefillKits to silently vote against HP as a supplier of printers and printer supplies. 

This was really amazing for once in long time I made a call to the company and was not answered by a machine but a real live human being. I mean one that even spoke English and was not located in Afghanistan or Senagal. It was quite a shock to speak with a human being that was understandable and acted like a normal type human that could have been your next door neighbor. Anyway i had a big problem. My wife happened to have just arrived in the Philippines with a brand new printer that she was hoping to use to finish up some book publishing projects. Little did she know that the wonderful printer companies in an effort to squeeze a couple more pennies our of their unsuspecting customers were now filling all toner cartridges in new printers with enough toner to last about 20 copies. I myself did not know that either but TonerRefill kits clued me in and gave me an honest answer for every question that I asked. Anyway she needed a cartridge or toner quick and discovered there were none available in the Philippines. Well that was no problem for TRK. They sent a box of toner the same day. I was worried that my wife would not be able to handle the over whelming job of refilling a toner cartridge but when it arrived. She said that she and her 24 year old female assistant had no problem what so ever. Wow! I was not there but if my wife could do it, then I think most anyone should be able to accomplish the task. Not only that but I asked TRK what printers they would recommend that would be the cheapest to operate and they immediately let me talk to technical assistance which gave me so much time and so much information that i was starting to feel guilty about eating into their profits. Needless to say I am a 100% believer. I know where to go if I have any questions and can be assured of an unbiased response. If one of these toner kits can work 3 hours walk into the jungles of Palawan in the Philippines it should be able to work anywhere. thanks a lot folks for a company they cares about making life affordable. Keep up the good work. Buy the way I never write anything on the internet. This service was so good that i broke my record and wrote a review. now that is truly amazing! 

5/5 girl921

They had me at the M&M's... 

Customer service like I have never (ever!) experienced in my life. I placed my order and an hour or so later a very nice man called to verify some details. I rolled my eyes waiting for a hard sell of something else. Nope, he was really just verifying the model number of toner I needed, asked me if I had any questions and sincerely thanked me for my business. He chit chatted a bit and when I was done I was left with the warm fuzzies of talking to an old friend. I know phony when I hear it and he was what he appeared to be, a CS rep from a company I had never ordered from before making sure my order was correct, prompt and enjoyable (as much as toner can be anyway). Two days later I received my order-I did not pay for extra shipping, that was just standard FedEX. It was correct, complete (absolutely everything I'd need to refill including a piece of paper to line my desk with in case I didn't have newspaper laying around to catch the mess), a thank you note, a key chain LED light that I didn't know I needed but have used a hundred times since receiving and a pack of M&M's as a thank you. I can be bribed :) Milk Dud's would have gotten them a tattoo on my forehead tho. 

5/5 HughT

What can I say . . . I don't even think about my printing costs anymore since becoming a customer of TonerRefillKits over two years ago. And if there is ever a problem, which has happened, they are ready with expert phone advice and/or free replacement product shipped immediately . . whatever it takes to make my printer work. 

Having run my own businesses in the Bay Area for over 35 years my hat is off to John Galt for creating a business that is over the top in every category. 

5/5 PetrieMitchell - Petrie Mitchell

For the past five years I've been using TonerRefillkits and I'm very satisfied with their products, telephone sales staff, and website. The product delivery is fast and dependable. Most of all I like the savings. TonerRefillsKits are a good value! 

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I have been using Tonerrefillkits for several years now. In addition to saving a bunch of money for my printers, It is a joy to call if there is a question, problem, or a new order, and SOMEONE ANSWERS THE PHONE! No voicemail to wade through. I recently received a phone call from the order department when ordering new toner and an error was thought, but really was no problem at all. I had changed to a newer printer, and their data showed a previous printer. They called to make sure I had ordered the correct product before shipping. AND the instructions are thorough and easy to follow. When I did experience a problem, it was resolved by the next day! That's customer care! 

Quick shipping is another plus. No waiting for an extended period for the product to arrive. 

I order often from internet companies - but Tonerrefillkits beats them all. 

Every once in a while you come across a company that just plain, "gets it right". TonerRefillKits is that company. 

I've been ordering from TRK for a couple of years and find the company and their products to be exceptional. It begins with an easy-to-use website, continues with a thoughtful order and confirmation process, and ends with the ring of my doorbell and the quick delivery of my order. 

And the bonus? With this kind of excellence, they're going to be around a long time to keep saving me some serious money! 

Always very satisfied with their cartridges but this past time they sent me ones that didn't fit for whatever reason. Well, after 1 1/2 minutes on the phone, I had a replacement headed for me and return postage for the non fitting ones. Areal pleasure to deal with with great products. Thanks 

I have been totally impressed with and satisfied by my refill kits from I had a concern with how my printer worked after one refill wrote them about it and they sent me a totally new toner bottle and new cartridge free and overnight even though I had not bought a cartridge but only toner. Then I found out that the problem was with my drum and I fixed that myself and both my old and new cartridges and all their refill toner worked great after that. I totally recommend this company and its products and its service. 

5/5 jimis

Great idea, great product, great service. Certainly they are my toner providers! 

I love my Samsung Color Laser Printer. The thing I didn't love was having to drive miles to the one store in the area that carried the toner cartridges and then paying a fortune to buy them. TonerRefillKits solved the problem with their easy to use and inexpensive kits. I haven't bought a new cartridge in two years. Thank you TonerRefillKits. 

5/5 tleekw

This is the 3rd time I've ordered from TonerRefillKits and I've been happy every time. The product is excellent and my printer continues to perform with the toner from TonerRefillKits and I've had the printer now for over 8 years without any downtime for service. I keep their sticker on the printer to remind me of their website and their phone number. 

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I've been ordering toner refills from Toner Refill Kits for several years now for my company, saving over $100 per refilled cartridge over new cartridges - so I bet I've saved thousands of dollars over this period. It just doesn't make sense to spend more than you have to to make copies, faxes or B&W prints, and Toner Refill Kits makes it affordable, easy, and quick. I'll be a lifelong customer.

I have been buying from TonerRefillKits for almost 10 years now. They are the most inexpensive alternative to buying new toner cartridges. Service is in the top 0.5%! Really. They show care in all that they do from follow up calls to make sure you received your shipment, to putting packages of M&M's in your order! They are always thinking from the customer's viewpoint. We need more companies with their philosophy. Their products are all of the highest quality. They provide everything you need to refill your toner cartridge (which is nearly as easy as refilling your salt shaker). I cannot recommend them enough. 

5/5 brazcom

I highly recommend TonerRefillKits, It is very economic and works greatly!!! i am very satisfied. 

I really like using toner refill kits. They have saved me a lot of money in the last year. I would really recommend using these to refill with to anybody wanting to save money. Cheers to TonerReillKits for a job well done.

5/5 B.Humpherys - Boyd Humpherys

Congrats, As a past user of refill kits for ink jet printers, along with their mess, I graduated into the new world with an HP1020 laser printer. After a half dozen new & remanufactured cartridges plus a few dollars, I considered the possibility of refilling these laser versions. After close examination, I was convinced they were too complex for such an operation. Well let's look and see what is being done. After searching the web, I settled on TonerRefillKits, to study further. A couple of calls with typical reserve and many questions. What the heck, if it doesn't work, it was a noble experiment. The box arrived in short order, followed the simple to understand instructions,(along with pictures),cut the first hole, poured in the toner as instructed, Cut the second hole for emptying the refuse container, plugged the holes and pronounced it done. Cleaned up a bit of spilled toner. Believe the instructions, if you spill a lot of that fine BLACK stuff, you inherit a sizable clean up job, easy does it. Plunked it into the machine, and umpteen hours of use later, still the same quality printing as new. We realize cartridges are not designed to last forever, however we will run them till something happens. Just happen to have a few empties around, so I'm fixed for a while. Simple solution, it does the job, what more can you ask? I did check with John on a couple of additional questions, they got answered expertly, what more can you ask? They even called me to see how I was doing, before I had gotten the courage to give it a try. Even the family croaker doesn't do that. When you solve the big problems without much guff, the smaller ones get handled a lot easier. 

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5/5 jpm647 - John

Great company, great people. I've purchased several types of toner products over the years, which have worked as promised. Service support and technical support has been excellent. Would not hesitate to send anyone interested in extending the life of their printer components. 

5/5 Tim.Smith - Tim Smith

Dear John, 

This is not a “Dear John" letter that was portrayed in the song by the same name written by Red Sovine, quite the contrary. 

Having no experience with a laser printer, I believed the advertisements and the salesman advice and knew the laser was the way to go over ink-jet for the newsletter that I recently undertook. 

Well the starter cartridge ran out quicker than I was told it would so rushed to the big box store and purchased a TN450 cartridge for the Brother printer at $70 bucks a pop. Talk about sticker shock. 

Beginning to think I made a mistake even though I liked the print quality and remembering refilling laser copiers at a firm I once worked for, started my search for a refilling kit. 

Looked at several sits and settled on yours mostly because you are only a couple hours from my home. Am I ever glad I did. Right from the get-go talking to your sales person because I did not feel comfortable ordering cold turkey, we made sure I had the correct cartridge for my printer that included the kit to retrofit the 420 starter cartridge. 

I got to tell you I was a little apprehensive at first but refilling both went off without a hitch following your written, easy to follow instructions. I have had some bad results refilling ink cartridges but this was a snap. 

In closing, I am quit satisfied with your product, your sales staff, and service and would recommend your product to all who want to save some money without sacrificing quality and service. 

By the way, your toner went further than the factory toner for what ever reason.

Original review posted on: by Tim.Smith

Excellent service. My order was incorrectly addressed; I pointed this out via email and received an answer within a few hours with an apology and the order re-filled and dispatched to the correct address. 

5/5 mazama

As a small company owner I am always looking for a better way to control my office expenses. ink jet to laser was our first move and but my gals seemed to eat the laser carts like candy. I tried re-manufactured carts from a couple of vendor with a number of problems. I stumbled upon TonerRefillKits and now I am a refill king.. We have recently started purchasing re-mfg carts from them and the quality is very good. 

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I've used for years, and with several different printers. The kits arrive quickly, work perfectly, have clear instructions, and are as easy to install as humanly possible. I rarely deal with a company that is so efficient and effective to deal with. I've never had an issue of any kind with them. 

5/5 brond

Overall, it's been excellent. The order execution was flawless; the lookup options made it easy to find the correct product for my printer. The instructions were among the clearest I've read for a long time, and easy to follow. 

5/5 wwshots

It was fast and easy as usual. I found out that my two different printers take the same toner but I thought the fuse came with the tool kit. so I ordered two kits also . only a few minutes later a get a call from one of your people to let me know I didn't need two tool kits and that the fuse came with each toner bottle. She credited my account and saved me some. I thank her for her service and her consideration. 

5/5 incider

This is a first-class online merchant. You might think that bypassing the original manufacturer for toner cartridge refills would land you in bargain-basement shopper hell. But not with TonerRefillKits. This is a first-rate product with first-rate customer service. 

The product is good. The service is extremely good. The called on my order to verify it was correct because it was a little different than normal. Very good company. I have used them multiple times. 

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5/5 sbraund

Excellent! Saves us boatloads of money!! 

5/5 donfm

Customer service is amazing and reps are knowledgeable about the products they sell! Shipping is very fast. Have not installed the toner kit yet so cannot comment on quality of the kits they sell. I will say the refill kit looks like it is complete with all quality components. Overall it looks like a top notch online operation. Barring any unseen quality issues I will most definitely be back again for further purchases. Pricing was competitive with other sellers not any cheaper. The customer service and attention to detail is why you will love this place. 

5/5 xewoox

I have been looking at laser toner refills as I changed to a Brother MFC color laser printer. In the past, I am purchase the refill cartridges, they worked well. I am very happy with the result. And I was very hesitant to do refill myself mainly because it is messy, uncertainty of quality and may be difficult to refill. Because of the cost of 4 cartridge replacement, I decided to try TonerRefillKits. I can tell you now I will always go for refills from TonerRefillKits. I like doing business with them. They are as good as they advertised. The service are prompt. The quality is good. And the instruction is very clear with step by step diagrams. 

What happened to all of the tips for getting good search engine results that you promised. I only saw one suggestion. 

The toner arrived so fast I am not sure which happened first, my order, or it's arrival (LOL). Also got a nice call from a nice lady letting me know I could save a lot off a already bargain by changing my order a little. I am not sure how an online company could provide better service, maybe provide baby sitting? You guys rock! 

5/5 cia1

I'm very particular in the final image. I also use a HEAVY amount of toner (magazine quality images). I was very skeptical at first and only used the re-fills in my "day-to-day" printer. But am having such good results that I've switched to my "premium" printer. Saving me hundreds of dollars a year. Yes, it's a small pain to refill, but well worth it. Glad to see a real solution to the extortion of the printer manufacturers! 

Very good service. Was skeptical about the toner refill kit at first so I bought just one to test out the product. I just recently ordered 2 more refill toner kits because it did the job the first time and it was really easy to refill my toner cartridge. Highly recommended product, especially if you want to save money. Buying the OEM cartridges where costing our office a lot of ca$h so I'm glad I found this alternative that works exactly the same as the original and budget friendly. 

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My experience with TonerRefillKits has been great. Not only are their products of excellence quality but their technical support has no equal. 

Posted Dec-02-2011 on:

Messy (okay, my fault, I can't make toast without being messy), but much cheaper.

Good quality, reasonable price, fast shipping; it's all good. 

I have been using TonerRefillKits for over 10 years, both for my own needs and for the needs of our town library and museum. Their range of products is extremely large, their product quality excellent, and their service superb! Their instructions are totally user friendly and fool proof. I will continue to use TonerRefillKits and will recommend them to anyone who will listen. 

4/5 nomango

FedEx left my TonerRefillKit box outside the doorstep of my apartment instead of leaving it with my apartment complex's management office. It sat there for the whole week of Thanksgiving! Luckily the weather was not hot; otherwise, the toner would have activated and become useless!!! I suggest for you to always note to FedEx to always try to deliver the product to someone who can take it indoor (especially at apartment complexes) instead of just dropping them off outside. 

Also, I have printed over 50 sheets with the refilled toner already. I still think that the black color is not dark as the black of the OEM toner cartridge. 

5/5 rjcdds

Prompt and accurate filling of my order. Easy to follow instructions for use as well. 

have yet to receive our last order, but I figure it is the time of year. Other than that, I have had no problems. very satisfied. 

It's always a pleasure working with tonerRefillKits, 

5/5 vfg000

I have been doing business with Toner refill Kits for several years and I have never had a bad experience. The best part is they stand behind the products, so there is never a worry in ordering anything. 

5/5 dr_kevinhirano - Kevin Y. Hirano, OD

I have been refilling my toner cartridges for years fo save a little money for my small business. A few months ago I decided to try as my last toner order elsewhere ended up not working with my printer. After I placed my first order with I received a phone call from the company to make sure I was ordering everything I needed to ensure a problem free refill experience. The person on the phone was courteous and knowledgable. 

The order showed up promptly and I installed the toner that night. I was impressed by the complete instructions included and all the peripheral items needed to perform the refill. There was a short learning curve involved with the toner cartridge I was using but all went according to plan due to the high quality of the items included. 

Every transaction so far has been similar and I appreciate the great customer service, the necessary items included with the toner (zip lock bag, reset chip, cleaning cloth, instructions etc.), and the fact that the toner works with my printer! 

It is rare to find a company that performs beyond expectation and really looks out for their customers. will continue to have my business - don't change a thing! 

Kevin Y. Hirano, OD 

5/5 aurora358 - Kevin Y. Hirano, OD

This is the best company around: Professional, courteous service, personal response, quality products that are delivered quickly and perform as promised. Great personal attention from employees. These people know how to run a company. This is what ALL businesses should be like! I only wish they would branch out into other markets as well, but I'm also afraid if they get bigger, the great personal service I get now would diminish. This company is a good model for all new up-and-coming companies (as well as established ones) to emulate. 

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We purchased a toner refill kit for our HP LaserJet printer. If you can read directions (theirs are step-by-step) and have *any* manual dexterity to use a couple of basic tools, this process is practically idiot-proof! And the savings! Amazing! 

5/5 wateroz

I love all of your toner products, they work great, are very simple to use and so damn affordable. Those little bags of M&Ms help sweeten it up too, of course. I'm so happy I found you guys. It's like a breath of fresh air being able to do business with you! 

5/5 Emerz

Great service at a great price, and then with discounts, even better. Why drive to a store when shipping is free? 

WoW is what I say! What a refreshing and beyond belief customer satisfaction experience! I placed my first order for personal use and after the exceptional customer service (I can't believe they call me to see if I received the product and to see how it is working), I started to use them for my company printers! 

I've been using TonerRefillKits for about 5 years. Every time the refills work, and there has been zero problems with delivery or billing. However I've gotten better at doing the actual refill and can now do them quickly and without having to modify the cartridge like TonerRefillKits recommends. It's a little tricky. But that's right, I'm saying I'm a skilled, technically advanced and very happy customer. 

I used TonerRefillKits when I owned a business and loved them. As soon as the manufacturers came up with a new way to force us to buy retail, TRK rescued us. We even had a nickname for one of the fuses or chips or whatever they sent us – everlastinggobstopper. The printer kept sending us a message that we were low on ink, but we knew better. As a small business person, it was inspiring to realize they ran their business like I always dreamed I could run mine, so they were an inspiration (and provided M&Ms). I don't own the business anymore, but TonerRefillKits rescued me again, this time from buyer's remorse after purchasing a printer I otherwise love. I just assumed I could use TRK, but they hadn't manufactured an equivalent yet. :( In desperation, I approached a local brick-and-mortar refill company but was told I was out of luck and would have to pay full price. NOT ANYMORE! I requested, they delivered! Thanks again, TRK! 

One of the best outfits I've ever done business with, hands down!! I give them a MAX rating. 

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5/5 ellieahughes - Mrs. Ellie's Gourmet

Customer Service at TonerRefills is Fantastic. Very friendly and customer oriented. I save hundreds of dollars every month by refilling my own cartridges. I print about 2000 labels a month for my business. I cannot tell the difference between the HP brand the toner refills.

I love saving the money and it is so easy to refill.

Thank you Keep up the Fantastic work.

Miss Ellie's Gourmet 

5/5 garymreynolds - Gary Reynolds

John and his company should be a roll model for all business owners to follow! If we could pick ten stars I'd still ask for eleven to rate them with!

We have used TonerRefillKits for over 15 years now with a number of different printers. Never a single complaint or negative issue with any product they have sent. Turn around time on orders and customer service have always been excellent.

Gary Reynolds, President; The Insurance Source, Ga. 

When I first thought of refilling my own cartridge I thought it would be real messy. Its a piece of cake. easy and fast. Last a long time. Will keep on doing it. Great product. Better than original ink.. 

5/5 hicpa

My dealings with this company has been handled professionally, courteously and promptly. Their instruction sheets are clear and easy to follow. Despite the distance between their location and my State orders have been arriving promptly. 

As always ordering was easy, and the product arrived quickly. The user friendly instructions are wonderful. Due to the great results we have had with TonerRefillKits, we are now ordering multiple kits for all the printers to have a supply always available. 

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5/5 claude_boisclair - Claude

Very good value, accurate, easy to find the right kit for the printer, very good, highly recommends 


thanks, i really enjoy your product because i save time,and i recycle my toners and i save around $350.00 in new cartridge thank you again, the quality is good and easy to refill and understand the instruction 

I used that refills for my HP and It works like the original ones with no problem, and cheaper than market value, why not.. I will now get for my Canon laser printer and I am sure it work great like the other one.. thank you and good think you are under my one click line.. 

5/5 billwalster - Bill Walster

TonerRefillKits really understands quality customer support. I placed an order with Amazon. The next morning I got a call from a lady to check that I indeed had ordered what I want. I have never received such a call. Moreover, I could clearly hear here. Most of the time when I get calls from companies, I can barely understand what they are saying. 

I then decided to order a replacement cartridge and engaged in an online chat. Great support and follow through till I talked on the phone to place this order. All three people were 100% helpful and friendly. 

Toner Refill Kits could not have been more helpful and supportive. 

Bill Walster 

P. S. I received my order today! Much sooner than I expected. Now I have a printer again. :) They included a small bag of M&Ms too. 

Back to the Top

5/5 skatrmarsh - Bill

Everything worked as promised,it took me a little longer than expected since I was tired. I had a problem with one of the reset chips,either it arrived damaged ,or I damaged it while putting it in the cartridge. They sent me out a replacement at no charge ,no questions asked. I couldn't ask for a better customer service experience. I will buy from them again when my toner runs out. They are everything they brag themselves to be. 


5/5 Redmike

Absolutely and totally satisfied in every way with TonerRefillKits. I've been using them for approximately ten years and have never had any kind of a problem. 

I am a repeat customer because they made it so easy for me to save a lot on money. Anyone can do this and the printing and copying is as good as new. I honestly have no complaints and the people are nice to deal with. 

5/5 ronmeza

I have to say that Kaleb at TonerRefillKits knows his stuff AND is great at his gig. I have ordered for my 2008 Samsung printer as well as my wife's 2009 Brother. He helped me get the right juice for both and informed me of all of the sneaky stuff the companies do to keep us from refilling our own cartridges. 

I have recommended them to friends and they too have been extremely happy with both the prices and service. I will continue to let my musician friends know where to get toner for printing tons of music. 

I just got off of the phone with Kaleb to tell him personally how easy the refill went and to share information on a Brother (euro version) so that they can update their database of models. He also helped me out with my old HP4mp so that I can get another 20 years out of it :-) 

5 stars from me!!!! 

Back to the Top

Customer service is great. I get a phone call confirming the order I just placed online. And the time it takes to get the order is great. Not to mention the price, I'm saving so much money and get some M&M in the process. 

The product arrived promptly and had great instructions with it. I've ordered from TonerRefillKits for over 3 years and saved a ton of money with them! 

4/5 ddshaw

All the folks at (especially Oscar) have been great to work with. The instructions provided were excellent. The process is a little messy but better than ink jet refills! I have had some minor problems with print quality but issue that has come up more than once is the stupid chip that HP (and others) uses to "determine" when the toner has run out. TRK has gotten me new chips so I can't complain too much. The real solution of course id for printer manufactures to produce a quality printer and charge fan appropriate price rather than having the toner carts pay for the printer. 

5/5 docjoen

Great company, fast ship and great product. Thank You 

This was my first order from TonerRefillKits and customer service called me just to be sure I was ordering the refill kits for the correct printer and see if I had any questions. I've ordered a LOT of items over the years from internet based providers and this is the first time I've received a call like this. They really do take their customer service seriously, and that call left me with a very good impression of the company. I have used the first toner refill and while the process was messier than I hoped, the refilled cartridge works perfectly. 

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5/5 tim-928

Their refill selection system is really great and selecting the correct refill kit is easy. If you have questions, you can call them .... that's right ... talk to someone. I have used these folks for many years and I enjoy working with them. Kudos! Tim 

5/5 jowita1

Very satisfied; I have been your customer for probably 10 years or more.Jowita D 

Your service and products are always great. What more can I say? .....WmHW 

5/5 Kalen

These guys are GREAT. They gave me good advice on the phone. They sent exactly what they said they'd send, and even I can follow their beautifully clear instructions. And the refilled toner cartridge works flawlessly. For lots less money than I would otherwise have paid. And then the president of the company even sends a moving, thought-provoking Christmas message. This is what a company SHOULD be. 

5/5 kr9141

With TonerRefillKits you get everything you will need to successfully refill your toner cartridge. The kits include a bottle of premium toner and a 10-12 page set of DETAILED step-by-step instructions with very clear color pictures. You also get the parts you might need if you are refilling a "Starter Cartridge" of lower capacity. It is an easy 5 min task that will save you 40-50% on your printing costs. You also get prompt courteous service and 2-3 day delivery per UPS. They also have prefilled and unfilled OEM cartridges at budget prices. This is a well-run company that deserves and continues to work hard to get my HIGHEST Very Satisfied Rating. 

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5/5 tkurdes617 - Ted

The procedure was very easy to follow. The printed instructions were right to the point.

The product came very quickly at a reasonable price. The only issue was then I pulled the protection tab on the yellow toner I purchased it shredded. I have installed it anyway and it seems to be working okay so far. The company it's self is great! 

I have ordered from this company several times over the past year and cannot say enough good things about how they treat their customers. The products that I have bought from them have always been exactly as presented in there ad. I was skeptical at first myself, but can guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

SUPERB PRODUCT, EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!" A while back, I purchased two kits of color laser toner and tool set. Before I had a chance to use it, my printer broke. I purchased a new printer and the toner sat unopened and forgotten under a desk for more than two years. I contacted TonerRefillKits hoping for a credit for more toner. INSTEAD, THEY ISSUED ME A CHECK FOR THE FULL PURCHASE AMOUNT!!!! I just ordered four more kits of toner. As always, their instructions are easy to follow and their refill toner prints perfectly. 

5/5 mskeck - Mark

How many ways can I say Wonderful! Your product is easy to use and the instructions are more detailed than I expected. The clear pictures along with the instructions made the process liner A simple. Add to that the exceptional follow up with e-mails and even a phone call! I have never had such an experience with an online service. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

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5/5 jrobson

Excellent company to work with. I have purchased from them 3 times now and they always deliver a great product, on time and call to make sure things are okay. 

5/5 llglee

I am so happy that TonerRefillKits has replacement cartridge for my HP Laserjet 6p. HP stops making this cartridge long ago. 

5/5 dba_x

Easy to use product selection. Very fast processing and shipping. Great experience overall. 

It was messy but easy and the printer has been working great. I have the Brother MFC-9840CDW 

5/5 mmlee27

Works great, great service. I definitely recommend their product and I am writing this review so I can get a coupon to buy some more.

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5/5 glenntlg1 - Glenn Adamek

Great service, great product and great value. It's refreshing to deal with a company that provides such a fantastic overall experience. Replacing toner cartridges has always been an expense we just accepted. That is until we started using your refills. The quality of the toner is as good as the OEM and were spending a whole lot less. 

Glenn Adamek
The Lawn Guy, LLC 

Shipping was fast and the refill kits came with all the necessary parts as well as comprehensive instructions. The actual refill procedure was simple and took about five minutes per toner cartridge. The print quality of the replacement toner appears to be as good as the original toner. TonerRefillKits provides quality products and is highly recommended. 

Very satisfied with the service and the equipment sent to help reload the toner cartridges. 

5/5 jeffmhoffman - Jeff Hoffman

Thank you for a professional and prompt service. 
Jeff Hoffman 

5/5 jaybird1948 - James Thompson

"Y'all are the best of the best!!!!!! Satisfaction guaranteed. Y'all are down to earth... best of all a really real person will answer the phone and talk to me in a way i can understand. James Thompson, Ehrhardt South Carolina. 

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5/5 BBuck

Getting ready to place a new order and was told I could get an additional discount with my review. This is a total no brainer since I would have ordered anyway (even without the discount) as I have always had the best service from Toner Refill Kits. Product always arrives promptly and has worked flawlessly as advertised at a reasonable price. Keep up the great work. B Buck 

The refill kit is great. the instructions are very clear, easy to follow. The kit used to make the refill port was very complete with excellent directions. I like the fact they even give you a wiping cloth and newsprint to put down on the work surface. The egg timer to let you know when the iron was ready is a good idea. Plus the candy included was appreciated. 

Definetly order the refill kits. this is the 2nd time I have ordered. The first time was for a B&W toner refill- excellent results. The second time (just now) was to refill the toner cartridges for color laser printer (4 cartridges to refill). Refilling 4 cartridges takes longer than 1 cartridge :-) I saved about $52 per cartridge (4 cartridges) on the color refill kit. Order and save $$$$ 

5/5 dwood78 - Don

Very good service and product, I like the call to verify the order and prompt service, The direction are very easy to follow and use.
Thanks for the great product 


Back to the Top

Quality products and directions. A great way to save on printing costs. 

5/5 EPW

For the second time now, I have had a very positive experience with TonerRefillKits. They are obviously keen on delivering or exceeding customer expectations. It's refreshing and rare to see a company that is anxious to please. Both the product and service is way above average. Thank you! 

5/5 pj-220

Great service, and they can answer any questions you have. Love the extra bag of goodies in my shipments. 

5/5 mgabrie

Excellent products and service 

TonerRefillKits offers a great product. Instead of filling up landfills with used printer cartridges, simply refill them yourself. And in the process save yourself a bundle of money! A huge win-win. Not only is there product fantastic, so is their customer service. The staff at TonerRefillKits called me after I placed an order to let me know how my online order could be optimized to save me even more money. A step above and beyond the call of duty or expectation... but one that was greatly appreciated by me. Thanks TonerRefillKits you've created a loyal customer for life. 

Back to the Top

Awesome...easy and straight forward directions with help just a telephone call away. I have used them for years and will continue to use them. 

I have always been well-pleased with both the service and products I have purchased from Toner Refill Kits. They will certainly continue to have my repeat business. 

The TonerRefillKits people are a pleasure to deal with, either on the phone or via email. Keep up the good work! 

Very Good! The service is much appreciated. 

5/5 ladyet1

Products worked as promised. Order shipped quickly & was received in perfect condition. I was triply assured that Customer Service was there to help if needed. 

Back to the Top

Fast Shipping and great notification. We were on a list to be notified as soon as they started stocking refit kits for our printer. They did and we order the nest day 

5/5 vetralph - Ralph



5/5 jm shim - Jere Shima

i carefully read and re-read your explicit instructions and with the aid of the illustrations for each step, I was able to complete the toner re-fill with 100% success. I was especially appreciative of all the tools that were included in the kit . This was my first experience in refilling toner and what puzzled me was why was I emptying the toner after re-filling it;. You might include an explanation sidebar as to the 'why'. 

I anticipate more re-filling in the future using your product as the savings compared to a new cartridge is significant. 

Jere Shima 

Back to the Top

Ordering was easy. Delivery was prompt. I have not used the product yet so I cannot rate product uality at this time. 

Excellent staff, quick responses, a personal call to confirm order. A Quick delivery, and good value for the dollar. 

Very nice i have never had a problem thanks Terry 

5/5 CPA123

Very easy to refill the cartridges. Instructions were step by step and very simple to follow. 

5/5 ken-499

Incredible sevice and they truely understand their business. It's nice to find a company that understands they are in a service business. There are many that sell the products to purchase from, but few that provide this level and focus of service. A real pleasure to work with. I will use them for all my printing needs. 

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5/5 perh

I love TonerRefillKits! The experience is very enjoyable. Fast, quick, and worth every penny! Thanks, again TonerRefillKits! 

got package- everything great 

I have ordered several refill kits and a refilled cartridge and all have come quickly and work as described. I am very satisfied with my purchases. 

5/5 hujambo

Splendid service. I got a call because the company surmised that I might have ordered the wrong kit for my printer--and it was right! They saved me aggravation despite the fact that it would have been my fault. These people have their service DOWN COLD. 


Back to the Top

5/5 azgold

Excellent service. Product has always been top rate. You folks are as good as it gets. 

The product and customer service and level of appreciation is superlative. It does seem to take a long time to recieve the product. 

If I have a printing problem, I know Oscar or Traci will always be able to solve it. Can't say the same for Walmart, Kmart, Target, Office Depot, Office Max, Publix, Winn Dixie or Staples. is a highly-professional organization dedicated 100% to solving customer printing problems.There is no comparable organization in the retail field today. 

Being in sales myself, I admire the quality of customer service you guys offer. Although I don't order a lot of supplies from you because my printing needs aren't very high, I always keep you guys in mind when I do need to order something because you guys follow up with your past clients. Keep up the good work and may your company enjoy much success! 

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5/5 ramonff

I have faithfully been using these products for many years and with those frequent coupons give us additional savings (10%, 15%, even 20%!)..... And before I forget, they included a tasty chocolate, a small toy and their personal touch and care they took on packaging. 

5/5 vicm

We have been using TonerRefillKits for over about a year and are very impressed with the excellent value of the refills, the positive can do customer service attitude, and their willingness to go the extra mile to make sure that we are pleased with their service. I am happy to recommend them to other efficiently run businesses such as ours. 

Easy ordering, fast shipping, good stuff.


Great! They contacted me to check that they had my order correct since it had changed from my normal orders. 

Back to the Top

Excellent as always 

I do not need 25 characters! 

Well done product with very clear directions for the specific cartridge I need to fill. Prompt delivery, and ready access to knowledgable phone help. I have found a source for future needs. 

My ink cartridges arrived on time and everything is working OK. 

My toner cartridges arrived as advertised and are working great. One of the cartridges in my order did not arrive with the other three. I called to see what happened. Their customer service was excellent, and they let me know that the fourth cartridge was in a separate box and should arrive shortly. It arrived later that day. My first experience with was wonderful, and I will now be a repeat customer. 

Back to the Top

I ordered two toner refills for my HP laserjet and have been very impressed with the product. Clear instructions with pictures :). Worked great. 

Hi, I placed my order on Wednesday 2/8/12 just before 5 o'clock. I was told that I would receive my order on Friday the 10th. Well, when the package came, it was only a partial shipment. I called the 800 number and talked with Traci. She apologized for the delay on the remainder of my order and it would be in Tuesday 2/14/12. With that, I was physically and emotionally drained. I really needed the rest of my shipment, but as we all know the shippers will get it to you on their schedule. On Saturday the 11th, FedEx delivered the remainder on my order. "WHAT" a relief that was. I'm not positive, but I believe the "Traci" helped on getting my order filled. Kudos to you Traci. You ladies are outstanding. "James" a very satified customer. 

As always, excellent. I actually ordered toner for my Mom's printer as well. Customer service is excellent - they are courteous, knowledgeable, and very professional. The instructions that are given with the toner bottles are very straightforward and easy to follow for even the non-technical. I have been doing business for years with and will continue to do so because of their pricing and first class customer service. 

I am very happy with the toner refill kits I received. Much better quality than the refurbished ones I had been buying from Amazon. Thanks a lot. 

Back to the Top

Great product, great service, this is my second order, the savings I have made in toner are already huge. 

5/5 gdubry

Very Satisfied. Directions are clear and concise. Best of all, It actually works without recreating the wheel. 

great, they seemed to really be concerned about your order and called to see if it was correct 

quality, service and pricing are excellent. Have used the refill kits for about two years and plan to continue. 

Kenneth E. Holeman CPA 

5/5 RRoss

Great service as usual. Very good products. 

Back to the Top

Wonderful! Love you guys! Love the customer service, the M&Ms, the little flashlight, the thank you signatures on the box, the product, the environmental aspect of your products. Thank you! 

Delivery was very fast. Pretty easy to refill with good instructions. Tool kit was very good. Over all I am very satisfied with this purchase. Saved money with this refill kit. 

Service was great. Delivery fast. Instructions were outstanding. Kit had everything needed to do the job fast and clean. The little flashlight was a great gift. 

I appreciated the phone call from informing me that they have a better product for my needs than the one I originally ordered. I certainly intend to do business with them again as we have two printers in the house. I took my wife a while to come around to using toner refill kits but she a fan now! 

Back to the Top

Excellent. Product received in two days; worked as described. Helpful telephone assistance and support. 

Have been saving me money for years now. Would not choose anybody else. Sales staff is friendly and helpful at all times 

Kit was excellent & complete. Refilling was easy & the refilled cartridge works great. Saved me a bundle! 

It works great! Customer Service was prompt, friendly, and effecient--clarified shipping...I received product 2 days later. Directions were good, product works well in my machine. I really like saving $$$$. I enjoyed the "thrive or survive" section on the website--and to think I was just looking for toner!! Thanks. 

Back to the Top

5/5 cb3536

I have been using TonerRefillKits for over 10 years with no problems. Instructions complete and delivery quick, with excellent product quality. 

Great! The people do whatever it takes to help and inform so I could make the right choice in purchasing our supplies. ThX! 

5/5 raytrud

I have a very good service from people of Toner Refill Kits and thank all for caring for their customers. The products purchased is to my entire satisfaction. 

The only dissatisfaction is the charges by Canada Border Services Agency to my purchase. 

Regardless, please keep smiling with your good service. 

5/5 adlermp
Posted Feb-23-2012 on:

Always the best. Have not ever had a problem. Was able to answer any questions I had. Even took back toner I had from a previous printer that I didn't have anymore. 

Back to the Top

5/5 dochek

The refill kits arrived promptly and have worked flawlessly. The directions were very clear and easy to follow although it took a little more time than I expected (only because of the heat up time necessary for the tool that creates the openings in the toner cartridge). 

I like the services very much 

I appreciated the phone call from informing me that they have a better product for my needs than the one I originally ordered. I certainly intend to do business with them again as we have two printers in the house. I took my wife a while to come around to using toner refill kits but she's a fan now! 

Prior to owning a laser printer I had been refilling inkjet printers with much success and cost savings. After consumer monochrome laser printers became really affordable (with better print quality than inkjet) about 8 years ago, I was a convert. Figuring it’s technically possible to refill, the problem was I never could figure out a “good��? source for toner refills, so I kept stock piling old cartridge carcasses and buying new cartridges. 

Recently I went to buy a new cartridge and they didn’t carry any! When that happened with my first Laser I bought a new printer (stockpiling the old printer and cartridges figuring I’d figure it out some day). This time I was determined to find a source of good refill kits. I tried searching online for kits, knowing from inkjet days that “universal kits��? didn’t exist. I was trying to find ANY reviews or testimonials that ANY company was good. The only company with ANY reviews (good, bad, or otherwise) was The pictures on the site were different for each printer model, so I knew they were model specific. 

What people say is true. I got a follow-up call after the order, shipping to Canada was prompt (9 days), the order came with peanut M&Ms, and they answered my email promptly. The printer model page wasn’t listing the tool-kit, the cartridge model page listed the toolkit, Traci clarified I didn’t need the toolkit and corrected the listing. 

Indeed I didn’t need the toolkit. The instructions walked me through the process, and I didn’t need anything other than a screwdriver, tape, a piece of paper, and some newspaper to set it down on. The kit came with everything else: a new plug, a new chip/fuse (for level reporting), toner, and a cloth. The kit came with more than enough toner to fill the hopper. 

I’ve only printed a couple test pages and the quality is good. I see no reason to stop using and recommending to my friends. Somewhat corny yes, but what can I say, it worked (the marketing and the refill) 

Back to the Top

5/5 rgvine

A company that really appreciates their customers. Fantastic customer service, quick delivery, and personal follow-up with my order. I'll definitely do business with in the future and highly recommend them. 

Best service anywhere. Thanks for being there. 

The order was easy to place online. Very shortly thereaftr, called acknowledging and thanking me f. The young lady was very polite on the telephone and indicated shipment date, etc. of the order. The toner kits arrived promptly with the shipping label enclosed as well as a little thank-you package of M&M peanuts (my favorite) and a little keychain lighter. The young lady who called on the phone to acknowledge my order was very cheerful and polite. This company is certainly a pleasure to do business with. 

I think they bring a lot of value by educating consumers like me how my toner cartridges have a lot more life than the toner that is inside them. Their kits are super simple. In my most recent order I received a follow up phone call from a friendly CSR checking in to make sure that my order was received in a timely manner. Very nice touch. Thanks for asking about my experience. -- Barry 

Back to the Top

Overall, I have been well satisfied with TonerRefillKits for 5+ years. I recently had a problem with a new printer but after talking to Oscar, my problems were worked out. I believe the problem I encountered was because of something I did. I will be a little more careful in the future when refilling my cartridges. Wonderful people to do business with. Any calls were answered by someone, who I believe, really tried to solve the problem at hand and worked with me to resolve the problem to my satisfaction. TEAM ROCKS!! We have used your website four times already for orders and are more than satisfied with each purchase/transaction. My wife works for a hospital of over 27,000 employees and is going to send a system-wide e-mail to let everyone know about you. Thanks for great service, a great product and a great price. We will continue to use you on a regular basis. Thank you. Roy and Janelle 

The process was as easy as they advertised 

5/5 wa5swd

Concerned sales reps called to verify that I was fully informed as to how to use product. Good work, folks. I'm a former customer who moved, so their records did not show me as a prior customer. Their customer care is exceptional! 

Back to the Top

I have been buying from TonerRefillKits for almost 10 years now. They are the most inexpensive alternative to buying new toner cartridges. Service is in the top 0.5%! Really. They show care in all that they do from follow up calls to make sure you received your shipment, to putting packages of M&M's in your order! They are always thinking from the customer's viewpoint. We need more companies with their philosophy. Their products are all of the highest quality. They provide everything you need to refill your toner cartridge (which is nearly as easy as refilling your salt shaker). I cannot recommend them enough. 

Will definitely buy from them again. 


Excellent,all over again! Not only great, fast service and delivery - but great instructions for getting the job done efficiently and cleanly. Fourth time just as consistent as the first. 

How many re-orders before we get a week at Disney? 

Back to the Top

After reading several reviews, I ordered a refill kit and the refill tool kit. I received a call the next day confirming my order and letting me know that they have "people" answering the phones if I need help. Wow! 

I received the kit two days later, with a 23-step instruction sheet and thought perhaps I had made a mistake. To the contrary, the instructions were so well written, it only took me 20 minutes to refill and install the cartridge. And it prints great. 

Thank you for the delivery time it was very fast was delivered in 3 days 

What a great deal! Fantastic customer service, great instructions on how to install re-fills. This is my new home for toner needs! 

5/5 rbatcho

As previously, it was a breeze ordering the necessary items. Very impressed with the ease of finding my particular printers and the correct refill kits. Free shipping and getting a discount besides, were icing on the cake! Customer follow up was superior, very happy camper..... 

Back to the Top

5/5 lsue4

My toner arrived just as the e-mail said. Everything I ordered was perfect. Service was great. 

I have been using tonerrefillkits for quite some time now. Their products have saved me alot of money compared to the brand name replacements. If I ever have a question or concern the staff, especially Oscar, have been very helpful in finding a solution. In this day and age of poor customer service I have been pleasantly surprised with my buying experience. 

I had placed an order. Unknown to me I had not placed the order correctly. I received a call from Toner refill kits and they informed me of the problem and corrected my order! Very fast and very efficient. 

5/5 dncarrs

I have dealt with TRK 2 or 3 times now and have never yet had a transaction via the web as good. I had one technical issue, and it was rectified immediately by a phone call to me. There was another followup phone call to me to make sure all was well. #1 service, #1 staff. I pass on my experience to everyone I can!!! 

Back to the Top

I have used TonerRefillKits for years. They have always gone above and beyond in their service. I highly recommend them! 

5/5 KrisZ

I'm a returning customer of and they delivered yet agian a great profuct at a great price. The shipping was fast via USPS with no brokerage fees.
They offer a truly complete toner refill kit with complete instructions, pictures and tools needed to perform the job quickly, easily and without making a mess.
Did I mention that they saved me a bunch of money? Yep, I couldn't be happier. Great Job! 

Wow! They are fast with delivery, and the kits are very complete and easy to use. I found the larger caps easier to fill with than those little squirt tips -- no spillage, and you can see easily how much is coming out. 


Back to the Top

5/5 fhsturm

Everything worked great. I took my time since this was the first time I ever converted/refilled a laserjet cartridge, but in the future I expect it will take 5-10 minutes. Instructions included are excellent! I had a starter cartridge and replacement cartridge to refill for a BROTHER 2270WD and forgot which was which, but was able to figure it out just from the instructions/pictures included. For future reference it may be a good idea to include in the instructions on how to differentiate between different types of cartridges, since folks usually throw out the boxes, but this is not a huge issue; as I said I figured it out just from the pictures in the instructions. 

Otherwise, great job on the details of the instructions and thanks for the kit materials. Also I want to say thank you for the follow up call on my order; though it turned out there was no error, it's nice to know that folks are paying attention to potential inconsistencies with orders. Overall excellent product and service! 

Excellent service. I always get my toner from 

Order delivery was on time. I haven't tried the kit out yet, but it does not look too complicated. 

My two purchases from TonerRefillKits have been very useful, easy to install, and have saved me over 50% or more from the name brand toner and ink-jet refills.
thank you 

Bob H, Silver Spring MD 

Have been doing business with them for a long time and have never been disappointed. 

Back to the Top

Cannot find anything bad to say about this merchant. I've ordered several refill kits over the last few years and everything worked right at a price that can't be beat. Ordered on Wednesday, arrived Friday. If fifteen minutes of easy work saves $50, what's not to like?

Best Price, delivered quickly and was exactly as ordered. Will be using them from now on for all my toner refills!

Excellent. Great products and customer care. This is a company that strikes the delicate balance between solid, prudent business management and social conscientiousness.
5/5 freyher

I've always had a good experience with your toner. I wouldn't buy from anyone else. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

I've been using the refills for 10 years and have always been satisfied with the product and the service. I expecially like the bag of a treat included! 

Back to the Top

Excellent service and a product that works!

I have been using TonerRefillKits for a couple of years now and they are great. I save money and time. Thanks(-:

Excellent customer service!

Fantastic service and product. They called me on the phone to verify my order and to be sure I had ordered the correct item that I needed. The instructions were easy to follow and the starter toner cartridge still works like new, except with more toner than before. A very fine product. I recommend this company and its starter toner cartridge refill kit for the Brother MFC7860DW.

Excellent service, client followup. 

Back to the Top

Better than expected, as usual. Instructions have been revised and are absolutely foolproof. Product arrived early by days and order was complete with m&m's. These folks have it down to a science and are concerned with customer satisfaction.

The staff has always been helpful and my most recent time was no exception. Thank you for your efficiency and great customer service.

Excellent service, right product, right price, prompt delivery. Real Customer Service personnel who want to help you.
5/5 bobbro7

Excellent, as always. Fast shipping, top quality toner. I have used TonerRefillKits products for a few years now and compared with those of competitors. Our experience is that none can compete with their quality and it was not worth it to try to save a penny a page with lesser quality products. No one but no one has given us the level of support with any questions. First time users will also find that this company has simple instructions and their products are very easy to use. Highly recommended.

Great product! Shortly after ordering the product I received an email thanking me for the purchase and assuring me I'd be happy or my money back. 

About 3 days later I received the kit in the mail. I came with EVERYTHING I needed to fill my cart in less then 15 minutes. And that's cause I read slow. I filled my Samsung CLP-325W carts in no time and am back up and printing. I highly recommend this product. 

Back to the Top

Excellent, friendly, fast. I have already recommended this service to my friends and they are pleased as I am. 
This is a good deal. I'm sticking with it.
5/5 fenter7

Much better than average service. Toner loaded well - directions were excellent. Will do business again with toner refill kits!

as always everything was excellent

Very professional and friendly service. On line chat was informative. They did a follow up call the next day. We received the refill kit as promised. They also emailed confirmation. I felt I was not dealing with an automated system but real people. That is always a plus for me.

Excellent product. Arrived on time, installed per instructions, works perfectly. Would/will use this product again. 

Back to the Top

It has been very good. The products work as advertised. It is easy to use, and performs well.

I haven't used the most recent refill yet but with the clear directions it looks like I can handle it. I appreciate their customer service and great products!

They provide good quality toner refill kits and drums quickly and efficiently. They are helpful and friendly when contacted on the phone.

It worked great, from the first page printed with the refilled cartridge. 


Excellent price/performance on toner refills. Easy to work with staff who provided quick delivery. 

Back to the Top

5/5 fw-375

Excellent price/performance on toner refills. Easy to work with staff who provided quick delivery.

I teach. I can never count on the copy machines in my building to be functional or available, so I print my own assignments. I use a lot of toner throughout the school year. TonerRefillKits has saved me hundreds of dollars. 

Service is prompt. They follow up with a phone call. What I truly appreciate though is that the reps take time to learn customers' buying patterns. I have two laser printers, one in my classroom and one at home, and they both use the same toner. Once when I made a purchase, I received the usual phone call -- not just to thank me for the order but also to make sure that I knew that the toner cartridge of a printer would only do so much and that I would eventually need to be looking at purchasing a different cartridge (either new or used and empty). THAT makes a difference to me. 

Oh...and I have to hide the M&M's from my husband now! :)
5/5 czk

My order was filled and sent immediately... ...I received it in super fast time... ...Everything was correct and in perfect condition, along with excellent directions for refilling toner cartridges! This delivery was equal to my previous experiences with Toner Refill Kits! 

Back to the Top

5/5 jzinkjr

great service everything went perfect for my second time, they even call to thank you for your order
5/5 vibes

The toner refill kit was better than expected. Not only did it get shipped to my house in a reasonable time, it only took about 10 to 15 minutes to refill my cartridge and works like a charm. Big difference in cost compared to almost $200.00 for the whole toner cartridge. You guys saved me some big bucks. Keep up the good work!!!

Great value for a great price.

Put their website and phone number in your contact list because they are the most efficient, accurate and helpful web company I've ever dealt with. They have thought of everything you need when refilling toner cartridges - the instructions really do make it easy to save many dollars. We're a small non-profit with a limited budget and printer costs can be substantial. My favorite customer service call: 7pm on a Friday evening. My HP Color Laserjet was "streaking". I called and Technical Support answered the call....7pm remember. I described the problem, he asked the model printer, then told me it sounds like the waste toner hopper was full. Sure enough that was the problem! I emptied it and had the brochures printed for the event Saturday morning. And check this out: it was an original HP cartridge that had never been refilled. I assumed it must have been a problem with a refilled cartridge - but it wasn't. In fact, after I emptied the waste hopper, I refilled the cartridge and will get thousands of pages! Prompt, honest, talk you through any problem. They care. 

Back to the Top


I've been using tonerrefillkits for years now. Love the company and their products!Great tech support when I needed them. Can't ask for more from a company...

Very detailed and easy to understand. The instructions are written by techs who obviously have worked with each product and know how to communicate these instructions to someone else. From the order to delivery, we were kept informed. It is a joy to recommend this excellent company to my friends. 

Back to the Top

I've been using you guys for over a year now. I'm an attorney and paperwork is the order of the day. I probably go through 5,000 copies a month at a minumum. About 2 years ago, I ordered a toner refill "kit" from someone else. Don't ask me who . . . it'll just make me upset. 3 weeks after I ordered the refill kit from them, I hadn't received it. I went to their website, and there was no phone number to call them, but there was a "drop-and-click" to have them check on the status. For the next 3 weeks (7 weeks after I ordered), it kept coming back as "In Process." 8 weeks - - 2 months - - after I ordered the refill kit, it came in. By that time, I spent $120 on a new toner cartridge. To add insult to injury, I got on their list to "remind" me to re-order from them. You see a hole in my head? 

Then, I came across No complaints from BBB and the other websites I checked (which I should have done with the first company). Sure . . . the little LED flashlight that can be locked in the "on" position and the package of M&M's is nice, but not the deciding factor to me. 

Dang, this last order . . . as the other 2 orders I've done with . . . are shipped within 24 hours and I receive within 3 days. Of course, the fact that my office manager, Linda, says she likes the packet of M&M's and she now orders only from you, has nothing to do with my re-orders. 

You've got my business forever. 


Glen Navis 

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Posted May-09-2012 on:

This is the third printer that I have had that I have used TonerRefillKits for. Simple to use & a big cost savings plus if I ever have any questions the tech suport is great. 

Gary Saxton
The Travel Place
Posted May-10-2012 on:

All went well. My old Xerox is back in business. Trying to get original toner or anything else for older copier is almost impossible and definitly expensive. I read the reviews before I ordered. I was impressed, and like I said I didn't have much choice but to try your services out if I still plan on using my copier till it finally dies. I was not only 100% satisfied by the toner refill kit and everything that was sent to make sure everything went well, but all the personal follow up from your company. I've already told others about how great your services are. Keep up the good work and I definitly will be ordering again. Jack
5/5 jimmc17
Posted May-11-2012 on:

Excellent service, and quick. Have been using their service for years. When I have changed printers they have always taken toner back without question. The web site is clear and very easy to use. I am theirs for life! 

Fortunately, their service is far better than this rating program, the message I was sent was corrupt.
Posted May-14-2012 on:

Excellent experience! Extremely helpful on the phone and the refilling of my cartridge was easier than anticipated. Will be reordering very soon. I ordered on a Monday and received on Wednesday...very nice! 

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5/5 SidLaP
Posted May-14-2012 on:

everything went smoothly especially for a first timer.

prompt service

gave me a call to let me know my order would be split

Pfft. I just saved 160.00. Do this. Brother HL-2270 starter cartrige, mod for hi-yield. plus another refill. Quit waiting. Good shipping to Canada, no extra duty. Works awesome! 

Thank you - Starving Student

I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of ordering, great pricing and fast shipping. I don't have enough words to express my gratitude to TonerRefillKits for the prompt, exact and smooth transaction. Excellent service!!! Will definitely recommend them. 

Back to the Top

I used your Refills for many years without problem. Now your premium refills are very good it 's sharp and brighter than before. I am very very satisfied with the products and your services is amazing good, you keep up to your words.


Service from these folks is always great. They called to confirm that I had placed my order correctly (I ordered different toner from last time). I placed the order on Friday and it was delivered on Monday. Instructions were very clear and precise and the materials were top notch. I continue to be impressed with the level of customer service provided. When I run across a company that does it right, I like to let others know about it. And that's definitely the case here.

Super service, courteous staff, and great way to save money for toner refills! Very satisfied!

terrific experience---super fast delivery.

I love  I will recommend them to everyone.

Delivery was accurate and very fast. Refilling directions were clear and easy to follow. Would recommend to all! 

Back to the Top


Very pleased with the transaction as well as the quality of the products. I ordered 5 cartridges and received all in a timely manner.

Product arrived timely and the quality was superb... The instruction are clear, concise and well written... Will be buying all of my toners from you from now on. 

A very satisfied customer

I like the personal approach of this company.
Has been and will recommend to friends and family. 

Keep up the good work.

Just fine. No problems at all. 

Back to the Top

5/5 eappanb

Toners for my Brother Laser printer were very good quality, this was my second order (First I ordered only one toner each). The refill instructions with caps and additional accessories are very useful!!! Ordering shipping and delivering the product very professional. I will recommend anyone to this site!! 

Suggestion: Needs customer login, order and tracking info in site.

GREAT Customer service. They called to confirm before sending it, shipped it quickly (across the US in 2 days) and included a nice thank you with the order.

I HIGHLY recommend

The best service, quality of product and helpful friendly staff. The instructions for the refill procedure were better than excellent. The instructions and pictures are out of this world.

Thanks for an excellent service and product.


Web site was easy to use, Delivery was as specified. Order was complete and I saved $120. 

I highly recomend 

Saved many $ over the years.

Shipped fast and in good condition. It's backup so we have not installed yet so we can't comment on the product itself. 

Back to the Top

I absolutely love their service and the products I have ordered. Needless to say we all have a budget and TonerRefillKits help me stay on budget. THANK YOU TonerRefillKits.

Thank you for including the late additional order and giving me the advantage of free shipping due to the increase in my order. You guys are great and timely.

Excellent. The delivery time was very quick & the products appear to be as ordered and will fill the need properly. 

Thanks, Dean
5/5 jkrue79

This is my fourth order with Fast and excellent service all the way through the transaction. I also like the follow-up phone calls from Annett confirming my order and ship date, as well as giving me additional tips to help stretch my office supply budget. I found the enclosed toner refill explanation kit to be very easy to understand- and the quality of the print is near that of OEM. I have really been impressed with their service, and look forward to having them as my supply chain partner. 

Back to the Top

These are the nicest folks around. They always call after I order online to thank me.

excellent as always and i love the fact that i can call you instead of just using the internet and your people are the best THANK YOU

Everything went as expected and as in the past.
5/5 kthele

This is the third or fourth order I have made with TonerRefillKits (minimum of five bottles per order) and have been impressed from the very first order. The shipments are always fast and the kit is simple to use. As a teacher who copies most quizzes and tests at home, I appreciate how much I save using TonerRefillKits. is always great and helpful! Would and will use again 

Back to the Top

Great job as usual. Fast shipping, great prices, wonderful quality of product.

I was totally impressed and blown away by the speed at with I received my order (2 days). The instructions were complete and saved my old Xerox printer - and I am not saying this to win something!I have already told my customers about you. 


Have been using their toner products for years. When I saw they were selling inkjet cartridges I was pleased. Have used their inkjet cartridges now for about 20,000 copies in a HP printer and they have worked great. No problems like I had with other aftermarket cartridges. You guys (and gals)keep up the good work.

Of the many online companies our office uses your service / product and support are by far the most personal and professional.

love the m&ms I got once......sense of humor a great touch....felt like part of the gang! 

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5/5 mingok

friendly and fast service

excellent customer service as always. It is why I buy all of my supplies from

I love!!! I am in the Real Estate business, which means I print a lot of paper and have saved hundreds of dollars using your refill kits. You easy online order system makes ordering a pleasure and the product arrives a few days later. Your company rocks!

My experience was fantastic. The website is easy to navigate and my order arrived in great time.

I had a very good experience as always with They have the best customer service ever. 

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Great service, great shipping, great product, you can't ask for anything more.

Excellent! Ordered the product after business hours, it was processed and shipped the next morning, and arrived in a couple of days.

Great firm to deal with and my order arrived here in New Zealand just over a week after it was ordered. A very good experence all round.

Excellent service!! Easy to get around on the website. We love!

As always, Toner Refill Kits is awesome to work with. After placing my order online I received a confirming phone call, very nice. The order arrived within a few days, very prompt delivery, exactly what was ordered and a bag of M&M's and keychain flashlight, nice touch. I have ordered from them in the past, I will order from them in the future. They are, simply the best. 

Back to the Top

The customer service experience with is truly remarkable. They have attention to detail in the instructions and included a clean up rag, bag for leftover toner, a sheet to protect the work area and M&Ms! Changing the toner while following the instructions was pretty straightforward but still a bit of a hassle. I was pretty astonished at the amount of toner that was left over when my cartridge told me that it was "empty." I will use again.
5/5 jmd223

The product quality was excellent, the customer service was the best I ever experienced and delivery was fast. The best purchase experience I have had in years. Other companies should learn from . I am now a regular customer.

I always appreciate how quickly Toner RefillKits gets our orders out to us. They are very friendly on the phone with you, which is rare now days. They've helped us in areas that really wasn't their job expertise, but they did what they could to help us through our problem anyway.I highly recommend them to anyone as a friendly, reliable company to do business with! Reviews

Here are reviews placed by customers on our website. Want to place a review? We'd love to hear about your experience! 

Hi Tracy, 

I am sorry I didn't answer your query the first time you wrote after I ordered some other "stuff" from you. 

What can I say. 

I have never dealt with a company who has such incredible service as 

Last year I had issues with my printer and Oscar, your tech guy, called me and e mailed me and helped me more than anyone ever helped me from any company ever before. 

He sent me stuff and he called me back to make sure everything worked and e mailed me and did everything in his power to make sure my printer was working and when I needed more stuff he sent it at his cost to me and called and made sure it worked and then again this year I bought a new printer because I beat up the old one and Oscar again came to the rescue to help me set up the printer and made sure it was working. He also saved me a lot of money by his having me program my printer to do more than HP has set it up. 

I have recommended Toner Refills to many people not knowing whether they have gone with you or not but your inks always work properly and the price is the best I've found on the net. 

How can I ever say thank you for all the service you folks have given me. 

You and Annette both are great. I call and tell you my name and I am recognized probably because I call with ALL my problems and you both couldn't be more helpful. 

The most I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over. 

Anyone wants a reference for you, your company, your tech support or your products tell them to call me. 

Best regards, 

Peter Silowan 

Original review posted on: by Petter Silowan 

Back to the Top

Dear Kristie, 

Thank you for dropping me a note of follow-up. 

The order I placed was my first with your company. Not only were the instructions fabulously easy, but the product? Well, it was great! 

I dealt with a woman over the phone who was, without holding back, exceptional. Although we'd never met, she was friendly and personable, and she spoke at a normal speed - nothing at the speed of light, or even the speed of 78 (old records). I'm from the Midwest but moved to the D.C. area two years ago, and I found her manner and approach to business a relief from what I encounter here. It reminded me of home. 

So, you conduct business the way I would in your position, and the way I try to as a freelance reporter for 12 of my 17 years in this business. 

Thank you for asking. 


Debbie S., Maryland 

Original review posted on: by Debbie S. 

To Whom It May Concern: 

I was unable to locate a Customer Service postal I opted to use this email address to tell y'all how totally satisfied I was with my very first toner kit. WOW! Kudo's to all! Fine product.... fine service.... excellent instructions...righteous prices...what more could any "tonerless" person want? :-) 

Wishing y'all much success in the future. I also plan to reorder and recommend your product very enthusiastically to all of my friends! I hope y'all really have a gold mine here and become stinkin' RICH! 

Best wishes from a very satisfied customer! 

Michael A. 

P.S. John Galt huh? Hmmmmmmmmm....wonder what Ayn Rand would think? 

Original review posted on: by Michael A. 

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Dear Toner Refill Folks: 

You guys are "slicker than smelt" (and were I come from, that is the ultimate compliment!!!) 

What a service. Your tools are simple and easy for you to make. What a cool idea to screw a 1/2" copper end cap to a soldering iron to cut the hole. My 6-yr-old daughter did 'kype' the cool flashlight as soon as she saw it. You may want to include a little less coolness when you pick your next flashlights (only kidding.) 

You even thought to include a piece of newspaper for a table cover. You left NOTHING out. 

The gift pack of M&M's in the packaging was as kool as the mints on the pillows of high dollar hotels. 

Even a 3 minute egg timer to let the iron get hot enough. Wow!! 

I'm a computing professional who has about 17 yrs as an electronics R&D specialist so I was pretty well equipped for the task but you laid out the directions for this job so well, my 17-yr-old daughter could easily have done this with no oversight.. 

I can't say enough for your good planning, great tool kit and customer satisfying process. 

I'm going to 'tell on you' to everyone I know. 

Thanks. Tyler & Terry W., Olympia, WA 

Original review posted on: by Tyler & Terry W. 


I was refilling one of my HP toner cartridges this evening, making the hole and all, and, as always happens when I use your products, I was just so pleased with how easy you have made it to do what I originally thought should be a tricky procedure. 

It reminded me of how much I think of your company and the absolutely fabulous job you have done of designing your kits, website, instructions, etc. and the fun you put into it all (with the M&M's) and high quality tools and newspapers (tonight I spread out the newspaper and the orange toner grabber towel you included and when I finished, they didn't have a speck on them!!!), etc. 

Companies like yours are hard to find these days and I wanted to take a few minutes to wish you a very Happy Holiday and prosperous New Year. You and all those there at TonerRefillKits have certainly added to the quality of my life in 2001 and I look forward to more good relations in 2002. 

Exum W. - Georgia 

Original review posted on: by Exum W. 

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You can use me for a reference anytime. I don't have time for BS and bogus websites. I figured I'd give you a try and take a chance in cyberland. I ordered your toner re-fill for my GCC XL20/600 (your ReChargX 042 kit) and it came in 2 days. Instructions were clear and in ENGLISH. Ran my printer right after the re-charge and it works like a charm. By re-charging my own cartridge I saved over $200.00! You have won a loyal customer and staunch referral. 

Thank you. Vincent S. Davie, FL 

Original review posted on: by Vincent S. 

Mr. Galt, 

I received my toner refill for my old Sharp Z25 photocopier today - an excellent delivery time of only 10 days to ship it from the US to Belgium - Europe. 

Because of the age of this machine; it would have taken several weeks to get an appropriate cartridge (at a very high cost) delivered through a photocopier store. 

It took me only 10 minutes to disassemble the toner cartridge per your excellent instructions, fill it with toner and developer and after 3 copies, the machine gave me 100 % proof copies. 

In my basement, I have also several 'empty - not broken' cartridges for my Canon LBP-460 laser printer. I know now that there is a second live for them also. I do not only save money - I save also Nature by reducing wastage. 

If there is a company that resells your refill products in Europe, please let me know. So I can even save more money by cutting on the postage paid. 

Nico Van Q. - Belgium 

Original review posted on: by Nico Van Q. 

Back to the Top

Mr. Galt; 

I got my refill kit today and refilled my "Xerox XD100 Workcentre" cartridge in less than 10 minutes. This particular cartridge retails for up to $189.00!! 

Since I bought the XD100 for $200.00 as a shelf demonstrator, I was taken aback by the price of the supplies. Your refill kit is excellent and the instructions couldn't be clearer! I didn't expect it to be so easy, and I saved $140.00 by refilling. The XD100 works just like it should, making crisp, clear copies and printouts. 

Thanks, Jeff S. 

Original review posted on: by Jeff S. 

Greetings, John Galt! 

This morning (Tuesday Augus 8, 2001) I received two toner refill kits and the toolkit dispatched by your staff last Friday (Aug 3). That was an excellent response time to deliver to the end of the world! 

Although not in the habit of writing testimonials, I feel I must congratulate you and your staff for delivering exactly to specification and so promptly. Your attention to detail and the simplicity with which the refilling operation was carried out -- with the aid of the full and excellent instructions provided -- sets a standard many other firms would do well to try and imitate, whatever the products they were dealing in. 

The first refilled cartridge is working perfectly and a great deal better than an expensive commercially refurbished one purchased locally. 

Congratulations on your enterprise and I will do my best to see that you gain a few more on-line customers in New Zealand. 

Sincerely, Jock C. - Hamilton New Zealand 

Original review posted on: by Jock C. 

Back to the Top


I received my toner today and within 3 minutes of opening the box, my Xerox XE90 was back in business with a savings of over $70.00. With my considerable experience in Internet/Mail Order purchasing , I do not impress easily as many have let me down with my high level of expectations. Your product, packaging, and instructions impressed me and I recommend your service to anyone looking for a alternative to the high cost of OEM cartridges. 


Lee D. - MoonHorizon 

Original review posted on: by Lee D. 

Dear Mr. Galt, 

I have reached the age of 54 without having written a single testimonial letter. Not that I am that hard to please but I expect products to perform as advertised. Your company and products have gone beyond "as advertised." 

When I went searching for a way to refill my toner cartridges I was hoping that there was such a place. I had been having my cartridges refilled but it was a hassle getting there and then having to go back days later. I always seem to run out in the middle of a big job. I felt there had to be someone out there that would figure I could refill my own cartridges. 

I just completed my first refill at 1am. Yes, of course, it was in the middle of a big job. It took less time than even the few minutes that you suggest. Especially as I didn't even have to find a newspaper sheet to protect my desk (you even included that!). The toner worked perfectly and I finished my job on time. 

As an added bonus I have a soldering iron and other small tools that cost less than if I went to an electronics store. 

You are the answer to a Yankee's dream. A product that assumes we, the consumers, have the intelligence and desire to do something on our own and want to save money doing so. Everything from the first order, to shipping, to my first refill was easy and efficient. Since I save gas and time as well I'am even farther ahead. 

I have bookmarked your site under several headings so I can always find it fast. I'm telling everyone that will listen about you. 

Thanks again. 

Laurie K. B. - ABC Services 

Original review posted on: by Laurie K.B. 

Back to the Top

February 8, 2001 - BizNet Magazine OnLine just published their review of our products, our company and our service. While we will not steal their thunder and reprint the entire article on our web site (you can view the article in its entirety at:, we will quote word-for-word what they had to say in summary at the end of their article: 

"...So, stop reading and check this company out at: 

If your current Toner Cartridge is malfunctioning for other reasons, so you can't use it for refilling, these folks can even sell you an empty at a great price! 

I wanted to give this product the A-OK Award because it works just the way it said, I also wanted to give it the On-Target Award because this product is right on target, but it also makes your company look like a Winner, so does it get the: 

A-OK Award or the On Target Award or The Winner Award? 

Nope! We gave it the WOW Award! 

The WOW award came about because we took a look at a couple of products a few years ago and said “WOW��? what a product. This is the coolest thing we had ever seen, one day everyone will have this product! And this has come to pass for many of the products that we have given the WOW award to. The product that gets the WOW award is a total of all of the awards above, A-OK: works right out of the box; ON TARGET: Just what the consumer needs, and is a total WINNER!" 

(We would like to thank the folks at BizNet Magazine OnLine for their kind words. We strive very hard to make our products as good as they can be and appreciate the fact that an impartial third party found them to be everything we claim them to be. Read on and you will see that our customers feel the same way about our products, too!) 

Back to the Top

Hello, Mr. Galt, 

I got my ReChargeX 015 Kit yesterday. I have a Sharp AL1000. The photograph of the toner cartridge didn't quite look like what was on my Sharp cartridge (I understand you are updating the instructions to cover the minor differences between the Sharp and Xerox versions of the same Sharp-made cartridge), but I removed a few screws here and there, found the toner plug, filled it, and put it all back together in no time at all. My copier was ready to go on the first try. Amazing! I will recommend your products to my friends. 
,br /> Thanks, Beth 

Original review posted on: by Beth 

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Dear John: 

Okay, I know, from reading the testimonials online, that this will not be a shock. But as a Baptist preacher and private college professor, I consider myself in the "people business" and I monitor how companies do business for "tips" on what churches, etc should do to reflect the caring which we claim to represent. 

I admit to a having a tinge of skepticism upon my finding your site. But, after paying $65-75 per "refill" cartridge--not to mention the turnaround time, excessive shipping, multiple headaches, etc--I, too, was fairly desperate. Plus facing the beginning of a new school semester without any toner in my laser printer, I was scared. The last time this happened I went out desperately and bought a BRAND NEW cartridge for a rip off price of $110. 

This time was different! I chose you guys. Your shipping was super fast. (2 days--really only 1 business day!) The package was carefully shipped--even with a "air pillow" to protect the contents. The tool package did exactly what you claimed. The best part was that after reading the instructions, I walked right through the process in about 3 minutes and 30 seconds! The longest wait--make that the ONLY wait--truly WAS waiting for the tool to heat up. Okay, so far this is nothing new. 

Now for the best part. I was pretty frustrated to find that after doing the refill easily, I was eating my M & M's while printing a test page--when out came the ugliest copy of anything I've ever seen--nearly a TOTALLY black page. I tried everything I could think of--printing extra copies, changing paper, changing my print settings--all to no avail, still nothing but black! 

Because I had purchased my cartridge new, I had a "leftover" cartridge which had died about 18 months ago sitting in my closet. I dug it out, refilled it (total time this round about 3 minutes and 15 seconds) and inserted it. Was I going to be calling and suggesting (angrily) that you just take your toner back!? No--it worked EXACTLY like you said--the print was BETTER than when I bought my brand new cartridge! I was a 75% satisfied customer already! 

Right then, (this was late) I sent an email to customer support. I explained my problem with my first, filled, but not functioning cartridge. Bright and early the next day, I checked my email. You answered my email, suggesting that HP 4L's are sometimes problematic and have a "bug" in them that even your techies have problems with--that in 1-2% of the cases, the cartridge goes blank or black. You gave me their "voodoo" suggestion--grabbing it by the edges/ends and twisting it a little to fix the problem. 

To my shock, I tried it about 3x, and what do you know (remember, I'm a preacher and not supposed to lie!) now it works perfectly too! I have NO complaints whatsoever for your company--only my truly sincere compliments! I only hope the church I pastor and the college at which I teach will help people in the same caring, professional way your staff has helped me. If you would desire, you may post any of this you wish on your site. You have my business (and everyone I can tell!) from now on! 

Dr. Todd Buck - Murray, Kentucky 

Original review posted on: by Dr. Todd Buck 

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To whom it may concern: 

Wow! My husband told me not to buy this because it would be too messy and not worth the effort. WRONG! I refilled my cartridge this morning and the copier is working fine. Saved me $70! And since I know it's not going to break me every time I refill it, I'm going to be much less copier conscious. I hated making copies, dreading the time I'd have to buy that replacement. 

Thank you for offering this service. 


Original review posted on: by Jane 


I just received my shipment of toner and refilled my printer cartridge in less than 5 mins. I was so amazed how easy it was. All I did was follow your step-by-step instruction that came in the refill kit. Thanx! 

I loved the contents of the "kit" ... everything I needed for the job and then some. This was a great surprise! You've got my business from now on and I am going to tell all my friends. 

Thanx Again! Bob K. 

Original review posted on: by Bob K. 

Dear Sir/Madame: 

I have just received and installed my first refill kit for the Xerox XC830 and to say I am very pleased would be a gross understatement. Everything was there even the newspaper, the small chocolate bar, great instructions, etc.. I expected to see a Genie jump out of the bottle to do it for me. But that would have robbed me of the pleasure. Now I know why the photocopier was so cheap at $1,500; because I was using 4 of their $200+ toner cartridges year. Hellishly expensive!!!!!! 

This is not the last you have heard from me (and I mean that in a good way!). 

Thanks again! Leo W. 

Original review posted on: by Leo W. 

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Dear John, 

I received your toner refills and instructions and it worked perfectly. I will pass on your great service to my clients. Thanks for being there for everyone. By the way, was I supposed to receive M&Ms in the package? (And how did you know Peanut M&M's are my favorite candy?) 

Thanks, Eric O. 

Original review posted on: by Eric O. 


Received the toner refill in the mail today. It took me about a minute to refill my Epson Action Laser 1500 cartridge, and it works great! I definitely wanted to drop you a line to say "thanks!" Prices for a new cartridge (when we checked a couple of weeks ago) were running anywhere from $300 to $400 in office supply stores. It's amazing how much you people saved me, how easy the whole process was, and that this isn't more well-known!!! Believe me, I'm going to tell everyone I know about your service. The chocolate and the dust rag were nice touches, BTW. 

Thanks again! Bradley M. 

Original review posted on: by Bradley M. 

Hello John, 

Just wanted to say......... Thanks to you I'm not a fool any more! My Sharp Z-50 copier works better and prints darker than when I originally got it. In fact, I can turn the shading/darkening scale all the way down to minimal and it still prints great! 

You have another customer. (Oh and thank your wife for the M&M's!) 

Original review posted on: by Carlos S. - NGK Spark Plugs, Miami Lakes, FL 

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Dear Sales: 

I got your refill kit and saved $75. Send me some business cards and I will put them up at the mailbox center in my neighborhood. 

Eric S. - Philadelphia, PA 

Original review posted on: by Eric S. 

To Whom It May Concern: 

Just installed my first recharge kit. I like it very much! It was as easy as you said and so far performs just as good as new. I plan to purchase more kits in the future! 

Original review posted on: by Dave 

You guys are great - even M&M's in the nice kit! Didn't think I could do it, but I did. Thank you for saving me so much money. "I'll be back!" 

Carol Joan T. 

Original review posted on: by Carol Joan T. 

Dear John, 

I want to thank you and your firm for your great product. I recieved it less than 1 hour ago (ups). However I couldn't wait to give it a try. It was so easy and worked great. However I recieved only 2 plugs. Could I request 10 plugs be sent to me. (Can never have enough). Not necessary to send ups regular mail will do. 

Thanks again, Wilfredo P. - Premier Courier 

Original review posted on: by Wilfredo P. 

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Original review posted on: by RLS. 


Just a note to tell you that I just received your refill kit and was very impressed with the results when I printed out some pages. Looks even better than my "original" cartridge from Xerox. I have already told my friends about your product and gave them your URL. 

Again, I am very pleased with your product. 

Sincerely, Mark H. 

Original review posted on: by Mark H. 

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I received your kit today and I proceeded to refill my Epson Action Laser 1400 cartridge. It took five minutes and the printer is now back in service putting out beautiful copies from the very first. Thank you and may you have many years of success in your endeavor.


P.S. $29.95 looks better than $169.00 those people are crooks! 

Original review posted on: by Kevin

Dear Mr. Galt: 

I do not know how long TonerRefillkits has been in business, but by the way you take care of your customers, I think you will be in business a very long time. 

It is so refreshing to see a company that really has its customers interest in mind. Like clockwork, today UPS delivered my toner refill kit. I opened it right away and was pleasantly surprised at the contents. The package of tools was unbelievable! Everything that was needed to refill my HP/4L printer was in that package. (I really enjoyed the M&Ms while I read the instructions, thanks!) The four pages of instructions were very clear, easy to read and understand. The 16 photos were of great help as well. The fifth page (the addendum for my printer) with three more photos was just as clear. 

The instructions said that it would take less that 10 minutes to refill. I set up the special heating iron that you sent, in the kitchen, and turned over the 3 min. egg timer that came with the kit. Just then my wife said that my dinner was ready (burritos). I said this won't take long. I chewed on the burrito while the heating iron was getting hot. I got down about two bites when the egg timer ran out of sand. I turned the egg timer over and put the hole in the printer cartridge just as the instructions said, it worked like a charm! 

I had the toner in the cartridge and the plug in the hole about the same time that the sand stopped running the second time in the egg timer. I finished the job in less that 6 minutes, as well as having eaten the burrito! 

I could not be more pleased with the way it went or with your company. I know that anyone reading this will think that I work for you, but I don't care. I just felt that I had to write you. I do a lot of shopping on the web and a lot of the companies like to charge extreme shipping charges, that was not the case with TonerRefillKits. Thank you again. Please share this letter with others in you company, they deserve a pat on the back. Also please fell free to use this letter in you Testimonial even if it is a bit long. You may also post my email:[email protected] 

Sincerely, Joe Mallory - Kent, WA. 

Original review posted on: by Joe Mallory - Kent, WA. 

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Just wanted to let you folks know that I was thrilled with your product! When I first came upon your web site and read the refill instructions, I was stricken with fear. I hate doing stuff like that. Scared I'll get confused and get toner on myself. 

But, driven forth by the prospect of saving $$$ and time, I ordered. I was planning on my techie husband doing it for me anyway. 

As it turned out, he wasn't able to do it when my toner ran out. He'd just left for work. OH NOOOOO! So, I made a big cup o' java and sat down with my box. I pulled out the instructions and thought "ok, here we go" less than 10 minutes (sure) yadah, yadah, yadah! 

The next thing I knew, I was done! And like you said, it took about 10 minutes! It really WAS easy! So I have to tell you, I'm a believer. Thanks for offering such a great, fast, easy, money saver for me. 

A happy and satisfied customer, Herlinda L. 

P.S. The newspaper and m&m's were a nice touch! :0) 

Original review posted on: by Herlinda L. 

I just received your refill kit and boy was I impressed. I am not part of a company, but a average home user and the cost of a new cartridge is a concern. I opened the kit to find everything, including a newspaper to lay down. I have never seen a company that sent such a complete kit. The smile on my face was broadened even more to find some M&M's. It was a great touch. The instructions were very well written and I completed the job in a matter of a few minutes. The real test was when I installed the filled cartridge and produced a beautiful first copy. Thank you and the people of your company. I will be a lifetime customer and promoter of your products. 

Original review posted on: by Ron S. - Indiana 

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"It was even easier than your web site and your instructions said it would be! It took less time than you said, it was easier than you said and the cartridge lasted longer than you said. You are the masters of 'under promising and over-delivering'!" 

Original review posted on: by Tom S. - Architect 

"Why don't you advertise more? For years we have been paying full price for cartridges. We happened upon your website completely by accident and ordered our first five kits immediately. If we had found you sooner, we would have saved THOUSANDS of dollars!" 

Original review posted on: by Ellen R. - Independent Oxyfresh Rep 

"Your email tech support was good and fast. The question I had wasn't directly related to your product, but you were still willing to help me out and gave me a few pointers on extending the life of my cartridges, as well. Thank you!" 

Original review posted on: by Arnie B. - Consolidated Packaging 

"There was no way I thought this would work. It seemed too good to be true and I figured if it worked like you said it would, then why wouldn't I have heard about it years ago? Well, like I told you before, it did work and worked great! I'll be ordering again, and again." 

Original review posted on: by Wilbur T. - Fresh Start, LLC 

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"My boss got an email from you and told me to try your products... I said there was no way this would work and I bet him dinner it wouldn't. I got the kit, the procedure was so easy I just knew it wouldn't work. Five minutes later when I stuck the cartridge in the printer, I was already thinking about how much I would enjoy my dinner. Thanks to how well your product worked I lost the bet and I had to pay for dinner for my boss. Nice product, though." 

Original review posted on: by Brenda V. - International Paper Warehouse 

"Now when the printer says, 'Toner Low', I just pop the plug and pour in some more toner. Once I made the 'toner port' (c'mon guys... it's a hole!) in the cartridge I knew the rest of the process would be even easier. Refilling the cartridge after that first time only takes me 1 - 2 minutes. These kits are great. Good luck and thank you!" 

Original review posted on: by Simon L. - Celebs and More, International 

"If the remanufactured cartridges I had used previously worked as well as these, I probably wouldn't have gone looking for a new supplier (and found your firm in the process). But, I'm glad I did. We used to pay almost 3 times more than the cost of your kits for our HP Series 4 remanufactured cartridges. We had to pay to ship them to and from the remanufacturer, it took a lot of time, many times they didn't work as well as the original and in general we weren't happy. These kits are a dream come true - fast, cheap, easy and best of all, the cartridges work just like the original." 

Original review posted on: by Paul I. - Wellness Professionals 

"A product that not only lives up to its promises but EXCEEDS them - that's rare! What more can I say? I'm thrilled." 

Original review posted on: by Jaime E. - Netweek 

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I have been using toner in my Samsung CLP-510 since 2004. I have used their toner, chip resetter, and tool kit. I have printed over 450,000 yes 450K pages and the printer is still going strong along with the toner cartridges. EXCELLENT PRODUCT!!! Highly Recommended!! 

Original review posted on: by DonL. 

I really like that I can save so much money. We print a lot of marketing information and it's great to be able to refill our cartridges with your refill kits. Keep up the good work. 

Original review posted on: by Preston R. 

Great Product, was not disappointed at all. Filled cartridge with no mess, didn't even have to use the included cleanup kit, and printer accepted reset chip without a problem. 

Original review posted on: by Jared M. 

Good job with the kit it had everyhing to do the job right. It took 10 minutes to refill it. I am glad you supplied the paper and cleaning cloth it reallu help. I use 2 53X units a week and this will save alot of money. I will be a repeat customer 

Original review posted on: by Brian C. 

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Original review posted on: by JAMES S. 

The instructions were very clear- supplied toner and parts were excellent. Took about 10 minutes on the 1st toner, then 5 minutes after that per toner. Person that answered the phone was very knowledgeable and very helpful. 

Original review posted on: by Kevin A. 

Used your toner cartridge refills for the 1st time and was very happy with the process. Your tech support and encouragement convinced me. By the 3rd refill, I was 'filling' like a pro. The toner colors are as vivid and dense as the originals. And thanks for shipping everything so quickly. 

Original review posted on: by Bob Z. 

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This is truly a great product and a money saver. You can't go wrong with TonerRefillKits. It is very easy to reload your cartridge and reset your counter. You will be pleased that you did it yourself. 

Original review posted on: by Isaac CM 

This is a great product and an excellent company to deal with. If you are hesitant as I was at first, go ahead and try TonerRefill - you'll be happy with the results and with the savings! 

Original review posted on: by S.N. 

I've been using TonerRefill kits in My Canon PC921 Copier and Canon Faxphone L80 successfully for years. It's working well enough that I'm able to "harvest" the waste toner without a degradation of the output quality. 

Original review posted on: by Mel M. 

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I was a bit apprehensive when I first unpacked the tools and bits & pieces which came with the bags of toner; I just followed your instructions and it worked like a dream, without a single hitch or glitch. 5 cartridges were refilled and each and every one has worked perfectly. My collegues and I were so impressed with the results of your refill kit, on top of which the great savings achieved that we have just placed a new order for 5 more refill kits. At 73 years of age I found this a most pleasant exercise; looking forward to more refilling the near future!! The pain of having to spend so much money on new cartridges has now been completely relieved. Thank you for such a good product and for your excellent service. 

Original review posted on: by Dennis A. N-K. 

I just love the way the instructions are in the box to show you how to refill your cartridge. Plus the service is just great. If you want to save money refilling your own ink cartridges then TonerRefillKits is the way to go. 

Original review posted on: by KP 

The kit was easily installed. The instructions good for both adding the toner and inserting the chip. Proving even a retired guy can do it.

Original review posted on: by Ed B. 

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True Story - I purchased my Refill Kit for my Lexmark 250DN printer on March 14, 2008 and refilled my cartridge on July 13th, 2010. The kit was in mint condition with everything I needed to do the job. In less than 10 minutes I was up and running and I checked my cost in 2008 and it is exactly the same. . $28.95 as today. . NO PRICE INCREASE. Dynamite product - works just like a new cartridge. Thanks Ben Caplan - Allison Park, PA 

Original review posted on: by Thanks Ben Caplan - Allison Park, PA 

The little "extras" that are included with the kit give confidence that the whole process is well thought out. For this particular kit, at figure 25, it should be noted in the instructions that the second gear installed does not seat all the way down. Ii seats to the small flat area on the gear. The installation of this kit is actually a pleasure, so well thought out. And by the second page printed all the fuzzies had disappeared. 

Original review posted on: by Carl G. 

Easy to follow instructions, and the printer prints like new. 

Original review posted on: by I.E. 

This is a great product. The instructions are simple. It takes minutes to charge a cartridge. I was paying Office Max $93 per toner cartridge and using one every week. Your refill kits are going to save me over 250 dollars a month! I might have to take a vacation! 

Original review posted on: by O.E.H 

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VERY easy to do, worked immediately! Printed like a new 70.00 cartridge and only a fraction of the price! I'm ordering more refills today!!! 

Original review posted on: by T. Russell 

This is amazing, we print labels and are saving major money using RechargX-139 refill kits. Excellent customer service! 

Original review posted on: by Dana D. 

Best Products, Nice & courteous Reps to talk, Best Customer Service. BEST ONLINE COMPANY for office and home machines. GOD BLESS to the whole team 

Original review posted on: by Rajeev B. 

Very easy to refill, once the hole is put in additional refills are a piece of cake. I liked this so much for home I gave the information to my Church Secretary to refill the printers/copiers their inexpensively. I now use RECHARG-X for all of my toner needs. 

Original review posted on: by Eric P. 

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I love it! It's easy & saved money which I love. Oops, use the new cap they supply with the cartridge. The old cap I messed up a little and the stuff will oz out. The next problem is to clean the rubber paper pick up roller at the bottom. If toner gets on it at all; it will feel clean but the toner gets in the pores of the rubber and it won't pick the paper. And then the printer gives a false "paper jam" light. With the toner cartridges filled and a damp cloth rubbed on the rubber paper pick up roller: I was back and running!!! Thank you God!!!!! 

Original review posted on: by Rev. Dennis H. 

It couldn’t be any easier. The directions are clear and easy to follow. A well engineered product at a very reasonable price. It’s so refreshing to deal with a business where quality customer service and product integrity still counts for something. 

Original review posted on: by Marshall M.

Worked Great. Shake well (with cap on) before pouring. Put down paper just in case. Only took few minutes. Thanks!!! 

Original review posted on: by Tim M.

Great company! Gave me plenty of pre-purchase information and technical support. Easy to use toner refill took just a few minutes. Works flawlessly. Great pricing. I researched this subject and ultimately spent too much time doing so. This is the place! 

Original review posted on: by Andy B.

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I have been ordering your products for my Canon, HP and Brother copiers and laser printers for at least 4 years and will always continue to use TonerRefillKits. The instructions are so easy to follow, the Technical Support is the best I have ever encountered, and the products and first class, there is no compromise in quality at all and everything is guaranteed. Some cartridges require small adjustments, again it's easy and the instructions are excellent. This company and their products are A+++++ 

Original review posted on: by Gillian M.

The products of TONERREFILKITS need no review. All the products are EXCELLENT, BEST QUALITY, NO COMPLAINTS. The best thing is the CUSTOMER SERVICE- nice people, always help and cheerful. KEEP IT UP 

Original review posted on: by Rajeev B.

Instead of paying $150+ at the office store for a new full cartridge, I can refill an old one almost twice for only $20. Simply amazing. 

Original review posted on: by J.B.

The product delivered exactly as promised. The cost savings are at least 60-65% over full cartridges. The ease of installation with the online tutorial was quite efficient. I am sold and am reordering the product. 

Original review posted on: by C. Francis

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Very easy to refill. Fast delivery and very helpful reps. 

Original review posted on: by Josh B.

Perfect solution - the tool kit included everything: the tool which melts the hole, neat plastic plugs, a flashlight, a needle-nose pliers, even protective paper to keep things clean. Filled two cartridges that would have cost me close to $100 each for about $35. I'm going to keep some spares on hand. 

Original review posted on: by R.O.


Original review posted on: by Russell B.

I work for a University as a facilities technician. One of my goals is to get the best price I can for everything in order to keep costs low. When I saw that it was going to cost us over $140 to buy the manufacturers replacement cartridge, I thought for sure there had to be a better way to do things. To my delight, I found and now we're saving a bunch of money--and will continue saving money in the future--on every printer that was/will be in need of a new cartridge. 

The process of refilling the old cartridge was a piece of cake, and kind of fun too! All of the necessary tools were provided in the tool kit, the instructions were very easy to follow, and they even provided a yummy Peanut M&M's snack! 

You guys definitely know how to run a business like nobody's business! I wish there were more of them out there like yours! Thanks again! 

Original review posted on: by Adam D.

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You've been my sole source of toner refill products for about 5 years now and I'm continually thrilled at how easy you make what could otherwise be frightening, complicated and messy. Every step of the process, from having every laser printer seemingly known to man, to dotting every "i" and crossing every "t" during check out, to the absolutely delightfully thorough instructions (with pictures, no less!), simply shows that you care about being the very best company in this industry. 

Original review posted on:

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Notes From Our Facebook Fans

Here are some reviews our fantastic Facebook Fans left us! If you'd like to leave us a recommendation, here's our Facebook page

Honestly, I was a little nervous about using a refill kit, and did a lot of research before I finally did. I first used TonerRefillKits several years ago and have been extremely pleased. Saved a lot of money and the process was much easier than I imagined. It works great for my HP Laser printer. I've re-ordered and always been thrilled. This is a great company and real nice people run it. 

Original review posted on: by Mike L.

I've used this service before and will do so again. 

Original review posted on: by Tishea D.

I've had great history with your company. Thanks for everything. Looking forward to sending an order to you soon. 

Original review posted on: by Walt B. 

Have purchased laser toner from these guys. Great product and included directions are truly idiot-proof! 

Original review posted on: by Brian M. 

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If you are using toner for your printing needs, you can save a lot of cash by refilling them yourself. These folks sell a quality product at very competitive prices. 

Original review posted on: by Frank C. 

Great product, easy to follow directions and wonderful customer service 

Original review posted on: by Sandy R. 

I have done business with for years. Their cusrtomer service is excellent and the products that I have bought (toner, cartridges, tool kit) have all performed at or above my expectations. 

Original review posted on: by Tim H. 

I stumbled onto you guys a number of years back looking for a toner refill for one of my dad's old laser printers. Since then we have both ordered many refills from TonerRefillKits. He's older and quite forgetful but puts stickers all over the place on his printers so he won't order from the 'wrong' place. He's even become brave enough to refill them on his own w/o my help. Pretty good for a 83 yr old who would probably forget his name if it wasn't on his drivers license ;-) At any rate the toner always works as advertised, the support, as many others have written, is superb and it's great to find a company/owner who backs up what he/they say by their actions.

Original review posted on: by Steve M. 

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The best resource for printer toner cartridges and refills. I've been using them for years! 

Original review posted on: by Ralph L. 

Had enuf Staples rewards points to buy a color Laser...short cut the search process by calling the experts and asked Oscar at TRK what he would buy. He told me, I bought the same one he uses (figgering he'd be around to help when needed) and sure enuf at first change time I needed and got the same instant help I had hoped for--thanx, Oscar!--then when tbl happened w one of the TRK RechargX units, once again, no ques asked I got replacement plus phone/email help. In my business we underpromise and overdeliver and I'm delighted to find a company who has made this their watchword! 

Original review posted on: by Harvey V. 

Love your products! With your detailed instructions and complete toolkit, even I can refill cartridges for all three of my laser printers :D Your service is superb! 

Original review posted on: by Joy M. 

I was having trouble with a "bargain" toner cartridge that I had bought. Wasn't sure if the problem was the toner cartridge or the drum cartridge.Thought about buying the manufacturer's brand of both. Then decided to try TonerRefillKits' ready-to-use cartridge for my machine. That solved the problem without the expensive name-brand products. I'd used refill kits before and had been very well satisfied - I shouldn't have looked anywhere else!! THANKS for great products!! 

Original review posted on: by Harold B. 

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Great place to save money !

Original review posted on: by Chris T. 

Without question, the easy way to save big bucks on refills for your toner and ink needs. I've been using their service for several years and hove not one single complaint! Qucik and courtious....every time. Gary Reynolds, President; The Insurance Source Ga

Original review posted on: by Gary Reynolds.

TRK saved me $hundreds - because New Zealand is so far away from the USA and the local suppliers have such a huge mark-up. 

Original review posted on: by Gracious Graphics 

Google Reviews

Here are some of the great reviews our customers have left us on Google Checkout and Google Places

We found back in 2005 and have been ordering since then (about every 3 - 5 months). Their toner refill kits work great (I also like the free candy) 

Original review posted on: by Robert 

Got tired of getting ripped off for toner. I found their YouTube vid called "Stickin' it to the Toner Man". Watched it. Went to their web site. Bought it for my machine. Received it. Used it. It worked. Saved a bunch of money. They rock. 

Original review posted on: by Melanie 

My HP Laserjet 1018 ran out of toner. I used to buy from Office Depot (for like $78 bucks), but after searched Google and found these guys. I ordered their HP 1018 toner refill kit and it arrived the next day. Works great, saved over $50 bucks 

Original review posted on: by Erasmo 

I love you guys. Great cust. appreciations. Great friendly emails. Really outstanding in making customer feel like gold. I have been with you for many years and always tell people about you. You are the best cust. oriented company I have ever worked with. If everyone company was like you, there never would be any problems. Don't ever stop being as great as you are. Believe me, I am hard on the other guys when they don't give me cust. satisfaction in any field. 

Original review posted on: by F.N 

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TonerRefillKits has always provided me with quality products and top shelf service. Thanks from a happy customer! 

Original review posted on: 

Great service and product. 

Original review posted on: by Jason P. 

perfect store, quick delivery, products as promised on website. 

Original review posted on: by Deepanshu A. 

It was excellent, Got the refills on time and the clear instructions with the freebies for the kids. 

Original review posted on: by Ramesh B. 

Back to the Top

Great seller. Shipment arrived on time, and the product was excellent. The toner refill was a bit tricky, but still pretty easy. 

Original review posted on: by Jeffrey H. 

Very good 'net ordering system. Very good shipping. I called the number on my package to listen to their product guarantee, but my cell had connectivity problems, so I had to call several times.The company owner (I think) saw several calls from my number and actually called me back to be sure everything was ok. There was even a small package of M&Ms in my package. One doesn't find old fashioned service like that oft these days. Win! This is Lacy, and I approve this company :3 

Original review posted on: 

This company, its employees and its products are wonderful. I am very satisfied with my experience with them and plan to continue to buy from them in the future. 

Original review posted on: by Katherine K. 

Great. It could only be better if it was free. 

Original review posted on: by Gary T. 

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If anything they OVER communicate, but I like them. 

Original review posted on: 

They're great!!! The day after I ordered a toner kit they sent emailed a 10% discount coupon to their customers. I emailed them and asked if it could be retroactively applied to my order. They immediately responded that it could and credited me back the 10%. They shipped the same day I ordered and I received my toner kit the next day. You can't get better customer service than that!! 

Original review posted on: by Cleatous S. 

I've been ordering from them for a few years now. I've never had a bad experience with their product or their customer support. They even call and thank you for your purchase... 

Original review posted on: by Dave T. 

Toner refill kits is the best on the market! Thanks!! 

Original review posted on: by Josh P. 

I have been using TonerRefillKits for years. Now with Google Checkout, it makes purchasing Toners even better than before. 

Original review posted on: by Peter Y. 

They are a role model for other companies to follow. Talk about support, First Class! Thanks 

Original review posted on: by Kenneth A. 

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Reviews from our Store

5/5 - Sandra M.
Posted Sept-09-2011 on:

These guys had the courtesy to call ahead and make sure I actually meant to order the correct toner refill kit for my starter cartridge for a new printer. This is much better than ordering the wrong product and paying 2x shipping and waiting 2x time. Thanks for bringing back a bit of customer service, I forgot what it was! 

5/5 - mygames4sale
Posted Sept-22-2011 on:

even called me to verify that I want using starter cartridge 

Posted Sept-23-2011 on:

Good vendor 

5/5 - Suzi G.
Posted Oct-20-2011 on:

Shipment arrived earlier than expected and in excellent condition. Based on the great service I received after placing this order, I will definitely be doing business with this company again :) 

5/5 - Hai Pham
Posted Nov-09-2011 on:

fast and worked great. 

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3/5 - VISHAL G.
Posted Nov-10-2011 on:

I did not get the boring tool in the refill kit. had to use some other device to pierce the toner 

5/5 - Murph
Posted Nov-20-2011 on:

An economical way to refill a toner cartridge. I saved $33 vs buying a new cartridge and $16 vs buying a refilled unit. The directions were easy to follow. I did not contact the seller, they contacted me. I received a phone call to make sure I understood what I had ordered and that I had requested the correct kit for my toner cartridge. 

5/5 - Daken
Posted Nov-29-2011 on:

Amazing experience. They called to check on the order and to confirm shipping. The instructions were clear. Supperior customer service overall. 

5/5 - Freddy C.
Posted Dec-03-2011 on:

quick, and fast. I would use them again. 

5/5 - Keiller B.
Posted Dec-07-2011 on:

. . . great folks to deal with. 

5/5 - Keiller B.
Posted Dec-07-2011 on:

Good people to deal with. 

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5/5 - eandrew1234
Posted Dec-10-2011 on:

"for under 20 bucks i have a total 60 dollar refill, the cost of printing just crashed! This stuff is terrific and very easy, took about 15 minutes, and will be half that in the future since I know what I am doing now- 

5/5 - A &.
Posted Dec-16-2011 on:

Good communication and service 

5/5 - Angel O.
Posted Dec-21-2011 on:

Very satisfied with the merchandise. 

5/5 - J Zhu
Posted Dec-21-2011 on:

Good service. The instruction is very helpful and the quality is also good. 

5/5 - Jody B.
Posted Dec-29-2011 on:

Very cool! Instructions were easy to follow. 

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1/5 - SamuraiJack
Posted Dec-30-2011 on:

Seller will not allow you to just cancel your order. The continue to call my cell phone trying to sell me something additional! 

5/5 - Sarah Probasco
Posted Jan-05-2012 on:

great sellers 

5/5 - Carrie L.
Posted Jan-08-2012 on:

Such great service. Called me to let me know if I had any questions they were available and was shipping. Product is perfect. They even included a little bag of candy which was a treat for hubby when he got done refiling. Thank you so much 

5/5 - Clifford B.
Posted Jan-10-2012 on:

Seller is great. Even called me to make sure I knew about the product and to help. Excellent. Should have 10 stars!!! 

5/5 - Gadg3tFr3k
Posted Jan-10-2012 on:

Excellent service. Seller called to make sure my order was right. Very proactive. Highly recommend. 

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5/5 - James L.
Posted Jan-13-2012 on:

However, the toner is too low in the kit. 

4/5 - Donovan K
Posted Jan-16-2012 on:

Paid for it & got it! 

5/5 - Margaret Stopher
Posted Jan-17-2012 on:

Best Amazon Purchasing Experience Ever!! Fast Shipping, Detailed Instructions in Full Color, Free little Gifts, Follow-up phone calls..! Went Above And Beyond The Call of Duty for Customer Service!! A++++++++++++++ 

5/5 - GREGORY P.
Posted Jan-17-2012 on:

thank you! 

5/5 - shoponline786
Posted Jan-26-2012 on:


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5/5 - KevinO
Posted Jan-28-2012 on:

I could not be more pleased with this seller or this transaction. Product was exactly as described and arrived when expected. They called before shipping to make sure the product was what I needed. I have never seen more detailed or perfect instructions. It even came with paper to cover the table and a plastic bag to catch the old toner. Perfect buying experience. 

5/5 - TGR
Posted Jan-30-2012 on:

The directions for product use were clear and so far the toner seems to be of equal quality to the original cartridge. I have printed over 100 pages and experienced no ghosting or smudging. If this product prints close to the 2600 pages it will be a huge savings over ink cartridges. 

5/5 - Lionel Hutz
Posted Jan-31-2012 on:

Highly recommended. Company called me after I placed the order to insure I was ordering the correct toner refill. The arrived with all the parts plus clear step-by-step photographic instructions. Refilling a cartridge is not difficult; you have to be patient -- at least the first time. Good value for the money. 

5/5 - charles s.
Posted Feb-01-2012 on:

Received a call from company confirming toner was correct for model and was told the size I ordered would work for two fillings. I have not used the toner yet because I have not run out but the customer service from this company was superb. 

5/5 - Roxanne K.
Posted Feb-05-2012 on:

Excellent product will buy from them again! Quick ship and intact. 

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5/5 - Jaimejane
Posted Feb-13-2012 on:

Kit arrived on time, directions were very clear and simple to follow. Even received a follow up call to make sure everything was allright. 

5/5 - johnny5
Posted Feb-15-2012 on:

I am not generally one to write product reviews, but I am so happy with the result here that I had to go and tell someone (especially since there are no reviews for this particular product). I was hesitant to purchase a refill toner for the Samsung printer (CLP-325W) since there are many reviews and stories about the reset chips not working. I suggest taking a look at ([...]) before making any decisions. These forums have a lot of good info on many different printer models. 

Back to the review. After some deliberation, I decided to risk my $20 to try several kits to see if I could find a reliable source for future refills. Well worth the investment, since the Samsung branded toners cost between $50-$60 EACH at Staples, Office Depot, etc. Someone commented correctly that it is actually cheaper to just buy a whole new printer each time the toner runs out, since to replace all toners (C,M,Y,K) costs around $200 at the local office supply store ($150 on Amazon) while you can easily pick up the new printer for around $140. 

I actually purchased 2 different refill kits, this yellow one from ReChargX and another (magenta) from Owl Inks at a total of about $50. The latter has not arrived yet so I cannot compare. However, this one works like a charm. The entire process took me about 5 minutes to complete, and the result is nothing short of amazing. PERFECT PRINTS and cartridge registers as full in the dashboard. Also, they claim that you need a special tool to burn a small hole in the 407 cartridges, but this was not the case for me. I bought the special kit only to realize that it was not needed in my case. I still have the set of cartridges which came with the printer, and on mine the little refill cap on the side came right off with a pair of needle nose pliers. 

Here is the procedure I followed: 

1) Taped the "drum end" of the cartridge with paper as recommended so that nothing can contact the roller.
2) Pulled at the little cap on one side of the cartridge (deviated from instruction here), and to my surprise it came right off.
3) Spread out the little paper they give you with the refill and gently emptied the old cartridge. Interestingly, there is A LOT of toner still left in the cartridge when it says "empty" (perhaps 1/5 of what came in the refill). Note that after all toner appeared to be out, I gently tapped the side of mine on the kitchen counter to make sure as little was left inside as possible, since they say mixing toners can cause print issues.
4) Built a little funnel out of paper to match the slim fill hole on the side of the cartridge.
5) Carefully poured in the entire bottle of refill toner.
6) Reinserted the factory plug into the fill hole on the side of the cartridge and gave it a good little shaking side to side.
7) Removed the backing from the sticky side of the new chip and popped it on.
8) Crossed my fingers and reinserted the refilled cartridge into the printer (after removing paper I placed to protect the roller of course). 

IT WORKED!!! :) 

Thanks again ReChargX. The only concern I have now is how to stop the printer from automatically is said that this can disable the reset chip. If anyone can figure that out, it will ease the last of my worries. At least for now, I have found the company of choice for all my refilling needs. 

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5/5 - Dick Southern
Posted Feb-23-2012 on:

I received the box with the four colors of toner and followed the enclosed instructions to fill the empty starter cartridges that came with my Brother MFC printer. I read the instructions over before attempting the project. It went smoothly. The only problem is getting the original hopper plug out, but by the 4th one I had it down. I have not tried printing with them, that comes later. 

5/5 - Hao L.
Posted Feb-23-2012 on:

I called them when I met some small difficulty. And they only use 1 minute then make it succesful. That is awesome! 

5/5 - Miles F.
Posted Feb-27-2012 on:

On time, well packaged, Good instructions. 

5/5 - Miles F.
Posted Feb-27-2012 on:

On time, works fine 

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5/5 - Rocket Scientist
Posted Feb-27-2012 on:

Sent free flashlight and candy as gift :) 

3/5 - Haniel B.
Posted Mar-01-2012 on:

If it's your first time ordering from them they will call you before shipping and try to sell you their $12 tool kit to use this thing. I wish they specified that in their product description because the savings aren't worth the hassle when you add the $12 to it. Just get a generic cartridge, unless you have the tool kit already or go with another vendor. 

5/5 - Geoffrey K.
Posted Mar-02-2012 on:

Arrived in 3 days, coast to coast (FL to WA). All equipment is there, and I forward to using it this weekend. Thumbs up. Thanks! 

5/5 - NAZLEE S.
Posted Mar-03-2012 on:

Awesome Service. Received item in ONE day. Incredible!!! The item I bought is $60 cheaper than Best Buy. 

5/5 - Greg R.
Posted Mar-08-2012 on:

I was very happy with the customer service dept with questons I had 

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5/5 - Wayne Niblack
Posted Mar-09-2012 on:

Good product, good directions included. 

5/5 - dersepp
Posted Mar-09-2012 on:

Great and courteous customer service. Item from FL to CA in less than 72 hours. I've bookmarked for my next transaction. 

5/5 - William E.
Posted Mar-10-2012 on:

Would recommend. 

5/5 - John Burdan
Posted Mar-14-2012 on:

Excellent. Wish there was a 10 star rating. I had ordered the wrong item and they called to clarify prior to shipping and saved me a big headache! 

5/5 - Armadillo Gumbo
Posted Mar-15-2012 on:

I've tried other refill kits but this is THE BEST. It's the most complete including important things that others omit, such as extra cartridge plugs. Also, their instructions are the clearest and most complete. Finally, they respond to your questions. 

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5/5 - PC Checker
Posted Mar-15-2012 on:

Good value, excellent seller. Received courtesy call. Wow! Very pleased. 

4/5 - heatwave
Posted Mar-15-2012 on:

not bad 

5/5 - michael m.
Posted Mar-15-2012 on:

They are good. 

5/5 - Mis.
Posted Mar-15-2012 on:

The starter toner refill kit arrived one day earlier then expected. The instruction that came with the kit were clear and complete. Although it took a little effort to convert the starter toner into a refillable container, it was easy. They also gave us a fun size bag of m&ms and a pocket LED key chain as a thank you. 

5/5 - review1
Posted Mar-16-2012 on:

Highly, highly recommend. Great customer service! I ordered a wrong item and I received a call informing me of my mistake and how to remedy it. Above and beyond customer service. 

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5/5 - yocliffy
Posted Mar-17-2012 on:

Item received promptly via FedEx and as described by seller. To use this refill kit, you must be patient to follow pictorial step-by-step directions, but results are very positive! Will do business again! 

5/5 - Diana r.
Posted Mar-22-2012 on:

This is the first time a customer service representative called me to ask more information about my order. It turns out that I'd ordered the wrong kind of toner, I needed another type. She saved me a lot of wasted time. Kudos! 

5/5 - Jung N.
Posted Mar-24-2012 on:

Excellent gooooood price and fast shipping thanks 

5/5 - Then C.
Posted Mar-24-2012 on:

good product work OK with my printer 

5/5 - Danielle S.
Posted Mar-25-2012 on:

Wonderful product! Excellent manual, very easy to follow, and very courteous customer service (they call me before the material arrive, and promptly said they were available to ANY questions/problems). It's REALLY necessary to purchase the tool kit, but in the next time, only the refill kit will be necessary. Really recommend! Wonderful product, customer service, very uncommon! 

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5/5 - Delian P.
Posted Apr-02-2012 on:

Highly recommended, saved $50! Very easy to install. Customer service called me the next day to confirm my order and see if I need any help when installing it. Very prompt. Will order again! 

5/5 - Ralph L.
Posted Apr-07-2012 on:

Will be ordering more from this seller, they are great 

5/5 - Mac.
Posted Apr-17-2012 on:

The best customer service I have ever had. Item arrived promptly, and turned out to not include the exact instructions I needed for my model of drum. Called them up and they were super nice and helpful, sent me the right directions and put me on my way, will definitely refill with these guys again! Excellent service.
4/5 - Charles H.
Posted Apr-18-2012 on:

This product is great. We now have a full toner cartridge which saved us lots of money. I was diligent, but it is a little messy to do it. That's toner for you.
5/5 - John A Maguire
Posted Apr-23-2012 on:

excellent service with prompt, clear directions. Company provided everything and added additional "stuff" - would do business with them again 

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5/5 - Alan J.
Posted Apr-24-2012 on:

Received fine!
5/5 - Karen Y.
Posted Apr-24-2012 on:

I just finished installing the refill kit and the printing quality is excellent. The package came with very clear step by step instructions with color photos to guide user refilling printer ink. Before you start, make sure you have one Phillips screwdriver, one flat-head screwdriver, scotch tape, and paper towel on the side.
5/5 - Stephen V.
Posted on:

5/5 - Frank E.
Posted on:

Fast shipping, very satisfied a+++++
5/5 - Nicky L.
Posted on:

They contacted me to make sure I ordered the correct refill kit. I didn't. They corrected my order. The toner arrived just a few days after ordering...well before the estimated delivery time. At first the toner did not reset. I called them and they told me what to do. It took less than 30 min even with calling them to get running again. I saved $50 not having to buy a new cartridge. Prints Great! 

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5/5 - waterwrestler
Posted on:

Awesome service and product!!
5/5 - solidroy
Posted on:

Very detailed instructions
5/5 - Celina M.
Posted on:

Received immediately
5/5 - Tub K.
Posted on:

Very Helpful Seller, Great Product
5/5 - Laszlo N.
Posted on:

WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SUPPORT - had a unique situation with my printer, so I called RX refills and not only did they replace the refills, but they also went out of their way to help repair my printer. In short: outstanding !
5/5 - Gary L.
Posted on:

Item was as advertized. 

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5/5 - LARY B.
Posted on:

5/5 - moshabeb
Posted on:

5/5 - Dennis K.
Posted on:

Very quick turn-around time. They even called to thank me for purchase. Kit is more than complete.
5/5 - lauren
Posted on:

The customer service was AMAZING! They contact you by phone to verify that the refill kit you ordered is the correct one for your printer, and answer any questions you might have. Delivery was faster than expected, directions were easy to understand (I'm no engineer!), and my printer prints with no smudges or smears. Wonderful service, fantastic product.
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5/5 - Dick Southern
Posted on:

Great Transaction, this is my second, and both have been exceptional. I'll buy more toner here when I need it. Thanks
5/5 - Jim Cummings
Posted on:

I have not used it yet, but it seems to be a great value and well thought out.
5/5 - clem patton
Posted on:

Very helpful when I contacted them with a question.
5/5 - Angel O.
Posted on:

5/5 - DENK
Posted on:

What an awesome company to do business with a value. My purchase from ReChargxX was a phenomenal experience. The take away here is that you absolutely should refill your own cartridges and you absolutely should use ReChargX to supply your refill kits. 

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5/5 - wenhehe
Posted on:

5/5 - Alan J.
Posted on:

Received fine!
5/5 - Charger
Posted on:

Fast shipping! Great product! Great company! Even got a couple of very powerful key chain flashlights and a small bag of M&Ms with my order. Just placed another order for a couple of more refill kits - and got a phone call from the company with a live person thanking me for my latest order. What a great company!
5/5 - dirk shearer
Posted on:

Great transaction.
5/5 - Wuha
Posted on:

The introduction is very specific and detailed. Easy to learn, easy to use. Good item 

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5/5 - Chanh N
Posted on:

5/5 - john c.
Posted on:

works great thank$$$
5/5 - RoyPark
Posted on:

Worked well and the instructions were legible and easy to follow. A first time to recharge a laser cartridge. Thanks
5/5 - Charger
Posted on:

Great product! Great company! Fast shipping. Highly recommended.
5/5 - Enoch Sears
Posted on:

ReChargX went above and beyond to deliver an exceptional product. I highly recommend getting this product over others on Amazon. The instructions are easy and understandable. I even got a phone call from the company helping me determine which kit is right for my printer. Thanks ReChargx! 

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