Canon PC 980

The Canon PC 980 is a multifunction printer for home and small office use. These products are for the Canon E16, E20, E31 and E40 toner cartridges.

All ReChargX products are covered by our 100% No Time Limit and No 'Fine Print' guarantee.

Canon PC 980 Toner Refill Kit

  • DIY Toner Refill Kit.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions included.
  • For use in: Canon E16, E20, E31 and E40
  • Contains 180g of premium print graphics toner.
  • Save $137.04 compared to the average $160.99 retail cartridge price.
  • Item #: RX022
  • RechargX Tool Kit Needed
  • Our Price: $23.95
    Buy More, Save More!

    Qty 1: $23.95
    Qty 2-4: $21.95
    Qty 5-9: $20.95
    Qty 10+: $19.95

ReChargX Tool Kit

  • 110v Volt (North America)
  • 220v Volt (Europe)
  • 240v Volt (Australia)

ReChargX Tool Kit - Buy it once, use it indefinitely! (This tool kit is used for all cartridges requiring a tool kit - Make sure you select your voltage).

  • Our Price: $12.95

Canon PC 980 Compatible Toner Cartridge

  • ReChargX Ready-to-Print compatible toner cartridge.
  • Compatible with: Canon E16, E20, E31 and E40
  • Save $105.01 compared to the average $160.99 retail price.
  • Contains 180g of our premium print graphics toner.
  • Item #: RXR022
  • Our Price: $55.95
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    Qty 1: $55.95
    Qty 2-4: $53.95
    Qty 5-9: $52.95
    Qty 10+: $51.95

Canon PC 980 Genuine Toner Cartridge

  • Genuine Canon Toner Cartridge.
  • Contains 180g of original premium Canon toner.
  • Our Price: $144.95

Canon PC 980 Empty Toner Cartridge

  • Empty toner cartridge
  • Call 352.343.7533 or 800.527.3712 for availability
  • ReChargX Empty (once-used, never remanufactured or refilled) toner cartridge only.
  • Contains NO TONER
  • Item #: MTX022
  • Our Price: $34.95

Excellent Results And Print Quality

Excellent products and instructions. Excellent results and print quality. We have been using TonerRefillKits products for some time now with our laser printers and copiers. The results have been great and have lowered our business costs substantially. In fact, TonerRefillKits has enabled us to get products on the market that we would not have been able to afford to produce without their refill kits.

Reviewer: Phillip W.
Location: Seattle, WA
Review Date: October 30

Performs As Well As OEM At A Fraction Of The Price

I've been using TonerRefill kits in My Canon PC921 Copier and Canon Faxphone L80 successfully for years. It's working well enough that I'm able to "harvest" the waste toner without a degradation of the output quality.

Reviewer: Mel M.
Location: AZ
Review Date: October 28

Try It

Easy to use Excellant results. Big savings. Try it, you will not be sorry.

Reviewer: Gary N
Location: New Jersey
Review Date: October 22

So Simple I Was Actually Worried!

Tonnerrefillkits actually works so simply I was actually worried I did something wrong. During the last 3 years my orders have been received faster from Florida to my island home then a refill company just 60 miles from my home. The price is slightly lower, the ease of ordering is about 1/2 the work and there are no additional sales pitches. I have 3 regular places I make online purchases from (other items then toner) and Tonnerrefillkits is by far the best.

Reviewer: Calvin C.
Location: Deer Isle, ME
Review Date: October 19

save money on cartridges by refilling

Easy to follow instructions, easy to refill, I've filled the same cartridge 3 times.

Reviewer: Jerry S
Location: nevada
Review Date: October 19

Buy This Product And Save $100's Of Dollars

Everyone should know about your product. I buy your refill kit for $30.00 and save over $100 each time. The replacement cartridge for our Canon Xerox machine runs about $129.00. That's a $100 savings each time we refill and the print quality is excellent.Buy this product and save big.

Reviewer: Bob L.
Location: California
Review Date: October 19

Travel Agency Saves Money!

I had very good luck with both these refill kits. I tried the RX-019 kit first and then the RX-022. I have already reordered twice since and will continue to do so. The service has been fast and efficient.

Reviewer: Douglas E.
Location: Washington
Review Date: October 19

So Fantastic to Deal With

Unbelievable. You people give by far the best service I have ever encountered on the internet. My package arrived in very few days in spite of MLK holiday, and you even included some extra plastic plugs that I requested. I didn't realize you would send new ones when I didn't order the kit, but spares are always nice. I just wish I used more toner because you are so fantastic to deal with.

Reviewer: T.W.
Location: Canada
Review Date: October 19

Decrease Costs and Get Excelent Results

All of the products I have tried have worked very well. I have been able to reduce my printing and copying costs and I have had no problems.

Reviewer: Chuck C
Location: OKlahoma
Review Date: November 28

From Tears to Toner Triumph!

I was not happy when I found out that my copier, less than 2 years old, was no longer made so couldn't get refill cartridges. I got on the internet and happened onto TonerRefillKits and purchased the refill kit. The instructions were great; I got the toner refilled in a few minutes.

Reviewer: L.S.
Location: Minnesota
Review Date: May 29

Saves Us Money

saves us alot of money. if you fill it right, it works as well as original

Reviewer: Jackie H.
Location: Pennsylvania
Review Date: May 2

Home office toned up.

I have a home-based business and have to watch costs, I saved about 70% with Toner Refill Kits. The product was extremely easy to use because of the accompanying literature. The service was second to none. I almost look forward to running low on toner!

Reviewer: P. E. D.
Location: Missouri
Review Date: March 27

Couldn't be Easier, or Less Expensive!

I have purchased refills for many different products (Brother, Xerox, Canon) and have always been extremely satisfied by the quality of the refills and ease of use. The instructions are as clear as they could possibly be. Delivery is always timely and my toner savings are substantial!

Reviewer: Mark M
Location: Louisiana
Review Date: March 22

How Do You Do It?

I have always been extremely pleased with your service and when I had occasion to ask about somethjing I received a clear response the next day. Many internet places offer help when you contact them,but my experience has been that very few of them respond. I cannot think of anything that you could do to make my shopping experience with you any better.

Reviewer: Thomas W.
Location: Naples, FL
Review Date: June 14

The Savings Are Superb

I began using ReChargX refill kits approximately 10 years ago with a ReChargX008 for my personal Sharp Z-76 copier. Since that time I've also bought RX022, RX017 and the RX100. Delivery has been excellent, quality indistinguishable from the original equipment manufacturer's, instructions have been fool proof and the savings superb! I'll continue to purchase my toner needs from and will recommend you to friends whenever I have occasion.

Reviewer: Werner H.
Location: Rehoboth, MA
Review Date: June 13

It's an Excellent Option

An excellent option to buying new toner cartridges.

Reviewer: Benjamin V
Location: Puerto Rico
Review Date: July 3

Review of refillable toner for Canon PC-920 Copier

Excellent instructions. Easy to apply.

Reviewer: P.S.
Location: New York
Review Date: July 29

I was Amazed

The kit was easy to use. I was amazed, being new to the 'toner refill club', how quickly I got the right place, put a half load of toner in, and the cartridge back in the copier. Everything went as explained in the instructions. I will never have to pay that inflated cost for toner cartridges again. Thanks guys.

Reviewer: Walter A
Location: CA
Review Date: July 28

A Satisfied Customer

We have been very satisfied customers of Toner Refill Kits for the last four years. We average over $500 in purchases each year. The quality of our “Toner Refill Kit” copies is the same as that of original vender replacement toner, but at a dramatic discount to the original vender replacement toner equipment. The customer service at toner refill has always polite and quick to respond to all inquires. They have been very fair and honest in all their business dealings with us these past four years. We would recommend using the toner refill kit with out reservations. We have saved thousands of dollars these past few years!

Reviewer: John B.
Location: Pennsylvania
Review Date: July 11

Totally Satisfied

Excellent product, I have refilled my cartridge 3 times now and have never had a problem. As a matter of fact the refill lasts longer and seems to be better quality than the original.

Reviewer: Ron M.
Location: New York
Review Date: January 7

GOOD news BAD news

The toner works very well. I have saved several hundred dollars with it. I do have a problem getting empty cartrages. They're always out.

Reviewer: Ivan S.
Location: USA
Review Date: January 25

Church Copier

This has cut our Church copier cost to one fourth.

Reviewer: TH
Location: Al
Review Date: January 12

A Satisfied Repeat Customer.

This toner refill for our Canon K980 Copier has served us well. I have reordered several times with good results and will continue to do so. The quality of the product is quite good and the economy makes this a no-brainer.

Reviewer: Jack C.
Location: New Jersey
Review Date: February 28

Not Medium Rare

Very well thought out, very well packaged, very well priced, most excellent instructions.

Reviewer: C.G.
Location: Texas
Review Date: February 13

How to Keep a Lid on Copy Machine Expenses

The product worked exactly as described. The directions were clear and concise. I've saved a bundle using this product.

Reviewer: Leonard F.
Location: Florida
Review Date: December 7

ReChargX absolutely knows what they're doing!

This has to be one of the most enjoyable do-it-yourself projects around. Your attention to detail, ie. what you have included in the kit is really refreshing. Everything you could possibly need for the ReCharg job is included and then some - including a bag of M @ M's. The instructions are very easy to follow. I actually looked forward to the next time I would be able to pull out the kit and use it again. The second time I refilled it took just a few minutes. What a huge cost savings! The only thing I regret is not being able to melt more holes with the nifty iron included....

Reviewer: Penny R.
Location: Kansas
Review Date: December 29

Great Savings

I bought this product first time 7 months ago.On two bottles of toner( I refilled my cartridge 4 times) I saved approximately 290 dollars.

Reviewer: JED
Location: VA
Review Date: August 3

No fuss, No Mess

The toner works great. No fuss no mess on the filling of the cartridges. We save approx. $100 a month by refilling.

Reviewer: I.S.
Location: Virginia
Review Date: August 23

Save Dollars

Works well. Great savings.

Reviewer: William K
Location: CA
Review Date: August 13

Excellent Products And Customer Service

Best Products, Nice & courteous Reps to talk, Best Customer Service. BEST ONLINE COMPANY for office and home machines. GOD BLESS to the whole team

Reviewer: Rajeev B.
Location: NJ
Review Date: August 13

Do It Yourself And Save!

This was alot easier than I thought it would be to refill. Why pay more at other places when you can do it cheaper yourself! Easy to order, comes quickly and works great.

Reviewer: Tim W.
Location: Missouri
Review Date: April 6

Canon Copier Cartridge Rejuvenation

I refilled the cartridge on my Canon PC-920 copy machine without a problem. Instructions were clear and concise, and it only took a few minutes. The starter cartridge I received with my printer is only partially filled with toner, so doesn't last long. All it needs is a RechargX to rejuvenate it. Now I'm printing lots of pages for less.

Reviewer: Alvin P.
Location: New Jersey
Review Date: April 2

No Fuss No Mess

The toner works great. No fuss no mess on the filling of the cartridges. We save approx. $100 a month by refilling.

Reviewer: Ivan S
Location: Va
Review Date: April 19

Believe the Hype...

First testimonial I've written, ever. Don't be afraid folks, quick and easy, even for 'mechanically challenged' like me. Same printing quality, significantly lower costs.

Reviewer: Ed M.
Location: Seattle
Review Date: April 13

Phenomenal savings!

Instructions were simple, and refilling the laser printer cartridge was quick and easy. I have refilled two different cartridges several times each. I have saved about $80 on each refill, compared to the price of a new cartridge.

Reviewer: Mark C.
Location: California
Review Date: April 13