Hewlett Packard / HP CB435A Toner Refill
ReChargX RX-132
The ReChargX-132 kit is used to refill the Hewlett Packard / HP CB435A toner cartridge most frequently found in the Hewlett Packard / HP Laserjet P1005/P1006 series laser printers.  In under 5 minutes our "Pop and Pour" ReChargX-132 toner refill kit SAVES YOU $37.04 (60.73%) over the "Office SuperStore" Hewlett Packard / HP 1,500-page rated CB435A cartridge price and SAVES YOU $26.00 (50.05%) over the average remanufactured cartridge price!

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RX132 ReChargX-132 (65g of ReChargX brand premium print graphics toner - same "load" as the Hewlett Packard (HP) CB435A 1,500-page rated original) - Cartridge RESET Chip included at no extra charge - Tool Kit Needed - Easy-to-Follow Instructions Included

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ReChargX Tool Kit* - Needed - Buy it once, use it indefinitely! (This tool kit is used for all cartridges requiring a tool kit - Make sure you select your voltage)
110 volt - USA/North America 220 volt 240 volt

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MTX132 EmptyX-132 (Empty (once-used, never remanufactured or refilled) OEM cartridge only - NO TONER - Call 352.343.7533 for availability - See "When should I order an empty?" below for details. - Not Interchangeable with the FAX cartridge)

Go Green! Bring your empty cartridge back to life in under 5 minutes - Guaranteed! 
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*Note: This ReChargX™ Toner Refill Kit does not include the inexpensive tools used to refill your cartridge. The ReChargX Tool Kit is needed (if you already have the ReChargX tool kit from a prior ReChargX purchase, there is no need to order another tool kit.)

If you would like to buy other ReChargX Kits, please use the Fast Find at the top left of this page. Select the brand of your machine. Most popular brands are at the top and after that, all brands are listed alphabetically. We carry refill kits for over 300 brands and 5,400 different models.
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Reviewer: T. Russell
Location: MS

VERY easy to do, worked immediately! Printed like a new $70.00 cartridge and for only a fraction of the price! I'm ordering more refills today!!!

Product Purchased: RX132
Review Date: August 13

"When should I order an empty?" 


The only time you need to order an empty cartridge is if your present cartridge isn't working properly (other than just printing light due to "toner low") or if you want to have spares on hand when your present cartridge finally "poops out" (usually  2 - 4 refills after it initially runs out of toner).

There's no reason to order one of our EmptyX cartridges if the cartridge you have in your printer was working fine before it went "toner low" - simply order a ReChargX kit and refill the empty you already have!  If, on the other hand, the cartridge you are currently using is exhibiting print defects (evidenced by random dots, lines, voids, splotches, etc.) not normally associated with going low on toner, then an EmptyX cartridge is just what you need to replace your defective cartridge (remember, the EmptyX cartridge is the empty cartridge only, and must be used in conjunction with a ReChargX kit).

When your current empty cartridge finally wears out, an EmptyX cartridge used in conjunction with one of our ReChargX kits, will give you a fully functioning, working cartridge that can be refilled again, in the future, and the combination of an EmptyX and a ReChargX kit costs far, far less than buying a brand new or remanufactured cartridge.

If you would like to check on the availability of a particular EmptyX cartridge, please click on the "Live Help" button or give us a call at: 352.343.7533 (8am - 5pm ET M - F)

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