Brother FAX 2820

The Brother FAX 2820 is a multifunction printer for home and small office use. These products are for the TN350 toner cartridge.

Brother FAX 2820 Toner Refill Kit (RX112)

  • ReChargX-brand RIY (refill it yourself) toner refill kit
  • Easy-To-Follow instructions, residual/waste toner bag, toner hopper plugs and reset/flag gear included
  • Save $54.04 (74.04%) vs. the $72.99 Brother TN-350 retail price
  • Contains 90g of ReChargX-brand premium print graphics toner
  • For use in the Starter Cartridge and Standard Toner Cartridge
  • All ReChargX Toner Refill Kits are covered by our 100%
    No Time Limit - No "Fine Print" guarantee
  • Our Price: $18.95
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    Qty 1: $18.95
    Qty 2-4: $16.95
    Qty 5-9: $15.95
    Qty 10+: $14.95

Brother Tool Kit by ReChargX®

  • Don't have a screwdriver lying around? We've got you covered! This Brother tool kit is for Brother cartridges requiring a set of screwdrivers and toner hopper plugs. It's priced at just $2.95.
  • MSRP: $9.95
  • Our Price: $2.95

Brother FAX 2820 Compatible Toner Cartridge (RXR112)

  • ReChargX Ready-to-Print compatible TN350 toner cartridge.
  • Save $41.04 (56.23%) vs. the average $72.99 retail price.
  • Contains 90g of our premium print graphics toner (same "load" as the Brother TN350 toner cartridge).
  • All ReChargX Compatible Toner Cartridges are covered by our 100% No Time Limit and No "Fine Print" guarantee.
  • Our Price: $31.95
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    Qty 1: $31.95
    Qty 2-4: $29.95
    Qty 5-9: $28.95
    Qty 10+: $27.95

Brother FAX 2820 Empty Toner Cartridge (MTX112)

  • ReChargX Empty (once-used, never remanufactured or refilled) OEM TN350 cartridge only
  • NO TONER - Call 352.343.7533 for availability.
  • Use to extend the life of our ReChargX RX112 Toner Refill Kit
  • All ReChargX Empty Toner Cartridges are covered by our 100% No Time Limit and No "Fine Print" guarantee
  • Our Price: $19.95

Brother FAX 2820 Drum Unit (RXDR112)

  • Compatible Brother DR350 drum unit.
  • Save $87.04 (62.18%) vs. the average $139.99 retail price.
  • Our Price: $52.95
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    Qty 1: $52.95
    Qty 2-4: $50.95
    Qty 5-9: $49.95
    Qty 10+: $48.95

Brother FAX 2820 Genuine Toner Cartridge

  • Unavailable - We do not currently have original cartridges available. We are working to locate original cartridges and hope to have them available in the near future.
  • If you wish to inquire about this or any other products we offer, please call us at 800.527.3712 (US & Canada only), 352.343.7533 or use the Live Help button above M - F, 8am - 5pm ET.
  • Our Price: $0.00

Fantastic Experience

This is my second time buying from your company, and I was just as amazed with your attention to detail in installing your product and great customer service as I was the first time. You have an outstanding product and your philosophy of taking care of the customer to the nth degree is unmatched. I have written and designed instruction manuals for years, and I can't say I've ever seen such detailed, accurate instructions, where every nuance has been well thought out. Keep up the great work!

Reviewer: Barry H.
Location: Fishers, IN
Review Date: September 5

Don't Forget TO REORDER When You Use The Last One!

Are you crazy? These prices are way to good to be true. Yup. I blew it, and I'm back. I allowed my cartridge to run out of toner (by not reordering when I refilled the last one), and had to go drop by Staples for the $67 and change version. Gulp.

Reviewer: DGP
Location: US
Review Date: October 10

Money Saving & Envrionmentally Friendly

I like the idea of being able to use a cartridge much longer than would otherwise be possible. I know that it is important to make a good profit, which the copier companies do. I just don't think it's ok to not fill these cartridges full in the first place. It is not good for the environment and it shortchanges their customers like myself. In my office a new one last about 2 months. After a refill the same one used in the same way last 4 months and can be used for at least 3 refills without any loss of copy quality. I really appreciate this from both a money saving point but espicially from an enviromental perspective. Thanks for your service and products.

Reviewer: Jeff J.
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Review Date: June 14

I Am Very Satisfied With The Customer Service

I am very satisfied with the customer service, on line purchase from the web site and the actual toner product received. Instructions were easy to follow and accurate. Thanks.

Reviewer: William H.
Location: Raleigh, NC
Review Date: June 13

How Pleased I Am Your Company Exists

I have been using your products for about 3 years now, for 3 different brands of printer. I can't tell you enough how pleased I am that your company exists, that your technicians and customer staff are as helpful, timely, pleasant and knowledgeable as they are. The prices are terrific, I have saved quite a bit in toner cost. I hope you never change all that.

Reviewer: Loida F.
Location: Canada
Review Date: February 23

Can't Beat Half Price on Toner

I have a Brother 7820N and that toner is sold in retail stores for almost $65.00. I could get it at half that price here and the service is quick. The quality of the RX112 toner which my printer uses appears to be as good as the factory toner.

Reviewer: Denney N.
Location: Fayetteville, GA
Review Date: April 6

Great Buy!

This product is truly great. It was extremely simple and the instruction manual is very easy to understand.

Reviewer: L.L.
Location: Virginia
Review Date: April 6

I Love The RX112 Refill Kit!

This is the second order I have placed. The shipping is fast the product is great. It's easy to refill. In fact I sit at my desk and do it. I can't imagine why anyone would spend 3 times the money not to mention the gas to buy a new cartridge when you can order online and save so much money for the same quality. Thank you for having such a spectacular product.

Reviewer: Angel G.
Location: Grants Pass, OR
Review Date: April 27

You're Outstanding

Your customer service, prices, products, and instructions are outstanding. I wouldn't consider using anyone else for my toner needs. Thanks again.

Reviewer: Dave C.
Location: Ridgecrest, CA
Review Date: April 27